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DS dropped centile for height - should I be worried?

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HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 14:59:12

DS was measured today and at 7.5 months is 70cm. He was last measured at 12 weeks and was 61cm. He's dropped from 75th - 50th centile. I read somewhere that dropping centiles for height is bad as the baby can drop then grow along the lower line and never reach their full potential. Hv said he is probably in-between growth spurts but I'm I'm a bit worried TBH. SHould I be?

Thanks smile

asteamedpoater Wed 26-Aug-09 15:44:05

No. Plenty of big babies are born to short parents - they have to drop down the centiles at some point. Likewise, plenty of small babies are born to tall parents - they have to go up the centiles to reach their potential. And then there are those who start out tall, go down in the centiles for a bit and then catch up again later when they have a growth spurt. The size of your baby at birth has more to do with the effect of your growth hormones on him in the womb than what his body will then go on to produce (over which you have virtually no influence, unless he has a serious disorder and needs to be given human growth hormone, which is extremely unlikely). I would have thought only the minority of people remain in the same centile of height and weight from birth until adulthood. Besides which, have you actually looked at the difference between 50th and 75th centile in cms? It's not that great - factor in the likelihood of mismeasurement and he really doesn't have much to catch up on to get back to the 75th centile.

Are you worried about your baby's diet or general development??? What makes you think you could influence his growth? If he has a good diet and is otherwise developing OK and is happy, I really wouldn't pay any attention whatsoever to his height.

HarryB Wed 26-Aug-09 21:02:05

asteamedpoater, many thanks, Not worried about his health or height as such, just got a bit freaked by this drop in centile.

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