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how do i stop my 22 mth old whacking his 3 yr old sister

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booboobunny Wed 26-Aug-09 13:57:47

he's has been doing this for a little while now, but i thought we were managing it as he hadn't done it in a while. but this morning he was smacking her over the nut, then pulled her hair. all stemming from her holding something that he wanted to hold. understandably she was quite upset.

i really am at a loss to know what to do. at not quite 2 he understands what i'm telling him to do, although he carries on anyway. so i have to pick him up and plonk him somewhere else. he understands the whole 'say sorry' routine, though generally refuses to do so (at least for a while until he's in a better mood - this might mean she gets her 'sorry' a few hours after the event, though both generally seem happy that it's been done). if i put him elsewhere and tell him to stay he'll usually just cry his eyes out and wander elsewhere.

can anyone advise a possible way i can teach him not to do it that he'll understand. my fear is that he'll carry on doing it and then potentially do it when he goes to pre-school (a long way of i know but i like to have something to worry about).

juuule Wed 26-Aug-09 14:03:32

Just keep doing the pick up and move and firmly tell him no.
Watch out for warning signs and intervene before he hits.
He will get the message eventually if you are consistent.

As for sorry. Maybe ask him if he wanted to upset his sister? If he says no then tell him it would be nice to her if he said sorry. He might, he might not at his age.

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