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Slow head shaking

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Charney Tue 25-Aug-09 15:58:06


I wonder if any of you can advise me.

2 days ago my, otherwise perfectly healthy and happy, almost 8 month old started shaing his head from side to side. Not in a deliberate way - he has always done that - this is a slow and looks like an uncontrolled thing. He does it when he is both tired and just after a nap and I am fairly sure that he doesn't have ear-ache. To be honest, it was a bit creepy and made me slightly concerned that there is something wrong with him.

I mentioned it to my health visitor who said that it was probably nothing. I asked if slow head shaking could be a sympton of something and she said no. Then she asked me if his eyes roll, which I said I didn't think so and she said that if that did happen that I should get the doctor to look him over.

Now I am slightly worried. While I am fairly sure that it is nothing, what could it be if his eyes roll (I can only think of epilipsy but am sure there are other things).

Many thanks in advance

chuckeyegg Tue 25-Aug-09 23:48:43

Sending you a big hug, they're such a worry when they are young. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Will bump it up for you, see if anyone else can help.

shockers Wed 26-Aug-09 00:06:48

My dd had a form of epilepsy that only manifested itself in eye rolling and a temporary absence ( a few seconds).
Whilst this might seem unimportant to anyone observing, it meant she was 'not with us' for those moments which meant she didn't see or hear what was happening.
This had an impact on her speech and development when younger.
Now she is older (10) her absences have got a little longer and when she outgrows her medication it is very apparent.
If you are worried, ask your GP to refer your son for an EEG. He can sit on your lap and it doesn't hurt. Some gel will be applied to the places where the sensors are attached and then brain readings will be taken,some visual stimulus will be shown as well.
It's worth doing even if just to put your
mind at rest.
This is just our experience... good luck!!

Charney Wed 26-Aug-09 09:20:24


Thanks both. It is funny, I read the messages from mum's of newborns and think the same (it's such a worry when they are young!) I can imagine you never stop worrying about them.

Thanks Shockers. He has done it a few times since and doesn;t seem to be rolling his eyes. I think I will wait until I need to see a doctor for another reason and then mention it then. Our doctors are pretty good with babies (they seem to have less time for adults though ...)

Thanks again.


chuckeyegg Wed 26-Aug-09 09:47:47

No you never stop worrying it just changes.


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