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After febrile convulsions.

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Enthusia Mon 24-Aug-09 20:54:32

Hi my duaghter 2.5 had her first febrile convulsion on Saturday. Her brother has had very mild ones in the past but hers was huge, lasting 5 minutes with her turning blue and very very scary.

She came round and was fine and was checked out in the hospital where they couldn't find a trigger, so said she must have an underlying virus that brought her temperature up.

However, she is now scared of everything. Going to the toilet, having her hair washed, everything. She was not scared of these thigs before, she didn't love them, but wasn't scared of them, but now she is hysterical when needing to use a 'big' toilet etc.

Anyone else had experience, advice?


bless her, give her lots of cuddles and reasurrance, try things slowly x

MrsGravy Mon 24-Aug-09 21:17:46

Oh you have my utmost sympathy, that must have been terrifying. My 4 yo DD has had a couple. First One lasted a couple of minutes at the most but she didn't actually convulse, just suddenly collapsed and turned blue. I thought she'd just stopped breathing Second one was shorter but her temp was unreadable it was so high and it took her ages to properly come round. We've been very lucky in that she doesn't seem at all worried or concerned by them. She sleeps it off then bounces back as if nothing happened.

I would just give her as much reassurance as she needs...I'm sure with lots of cuddles and tlc she'll get better with time.

You poor things though, bet you're still a bit shaky too aren't you? Look after yourself.

CultureMix Tue 25-Aug-09 20:45:00

My sympathies - DS1 had a couple of febrile convulsions as well but as he was quite young (approx 9mo & 15mo as I recall) he doesn't remember them ... though I certainly do and it's a frightening experience sad.

I agree with others, take it gently and give her reassurance. As she's older maybe you can talk it through? Did your daughter explicitly say she's scared now because of what happened? Can she pinpoint it a bit further e.g. was she scared during the event e.g. breathing problems, or whilst in hospital or another particular aspect? Was she doing anything specific when it happened / just before [e.g. going to toilet] that she might now associate with a recurrence? Maybe explain this was a very high fever, that Mummy has Calpol ready to prevent this* and if she has a headache to come and tell you straightaway (or will this turn her into a hypochondriac hmm).

* though in my experience when a febrile convulsion hits it happens so fast there's no time even for Calpol but then she doesn't need to know that....

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