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Potty training - off to a bad start!

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GreenFingeredMummy Mon 24-Aug-09 14:52:13

My dd is 2.3yrs and we've started potty training today, so far its been a nightmare. I put her straight into knickers and she has managed to wet 8 so far today!! She hasnt done a single wee in the potty and doesnt seem to know she needs a wee. We had about 5 accidents in one hour.... someone please tell me what to do.

She starts nursey in sept so between now and xmas I havent got another long spell in which to get her dry. Should I continue, or wait till xmas?

Twinsmommy Mon 24-Aug-09 15:21:42


Have you tried the timer technique? It worked a dream with my twin boys and they were potty trained in a week - yes, just one week.

You need to get yourself a timer, and set it for every hour during the day. When the timer goes off, make a big fuss of "Yay - it's potty time" - wave your hands in the air - get excited, then sit your DD on the potty whether she needs to go or not. If she manages to do a wee - great, if not, don't worry. Eventually, she will start going herself when the timer goes off and within a couple of days, will start wanting to go to the potty on her own.

Just make sure you get a completely different timer than, say, your microwave timer or your oven timer. Otherwise, when she hears that, she'll be running for the potty.

Hope it works for you. As I say, seriously, my boys were trained in a week. I got the details from some e-book from the USA.

Also, you have to appreciate that for 2.3 years it has been acceptable for her to do wees in her nappy without any problems, and it's difficult to break a habit quickly.

Best of luck.

GreenFingeredMummy Mon 24-Aug-09 15:48:07

Wow that sounds an interesting technique. It might just work, everything is "something" time at the mo, be it juice, story, bedtime or toy...

How old were your boys and did you go cold turkey on nappies (maybe not nap times)???

phlossie Mon 24-Aug-09 16:10:08

Wait until she's ready, then it will go like a dream. Too early and it's just a pain in the bum for all involved.

DesperateHousewifeToo Mon 24-Aug-09 17:41:04

I have cut and pasted this from a previous post from last year.

Hope it helps

I used gf book too. Again, just the gist of it.

Both you and your dc have to be 'ready' and have a clear week, I'd say. i.e. not when you about to/just had baby, moving house, either of you is poorly, when your mum is telling you to do it .

Start by getting them to sit on the potty every 20min or so and read a book. They get a choc button for that (and two for mummy). Once they have the idea of sitting on potty when you ask them to, you tell them that they will have a choc button next when they do a wee/poo on the potty. Lots of clapping, praise, phoning daddy when they do.

THEN, start asking them if need to sit on potty. Only sit on potty when they say. i.e. 'do you need a wee?'. Choc button, claps, etc when they perform.

THEN, tell them they need to tell you when they need a wee. 'don't forget to tell me when you need a wee'. Choc button, claps, praise, etc when they have told you they want to go.

Don't worry about accidents, just re-iterate that they need to wee on potty. Keep potty in same room as you and dc, move it around with you. Then once completed all above steps, move potty further away from where you and dc are, towards loo so that gradually have to hold on for longer.

Potty traing a success once your dc can TELL you when they need to go and hold on till get there.

Another tip, use trousers and pants that are slightly too big as easier for them to pull up and down and t-shirts that are too small as don't need lifting up.

Job done

Twinsmommy Mon 24-Aug-09 20:24:48


I kept them in nappies at nap time but were soon out of them - maybe a month later. Now I am mastering the night nappies and hoping to have them completely finished with nappies by the end of this week.

I specifically took a week off work though to do this at home with them.

I must reiterate what DesperateHousewifeToo mentioned also, that you should put your dd in pants that are easy for her to pull down - nothing tight around the bottom and then loads of praise if she does actually go - and a treat. I think, now, that we had the timer set for every 20 minutes initially, then over the period of 3 days, stretched it out to every hour, and then by the end of the week only when my twins were asking to go. I must admit, I was dreading the process because of it being two-fold for our house, but it went really very well with very few accidents. I'd say also though to concentrate mainly on the wees to begin with, as the No. 2s will come in their own time!

(My treat for the boys was a piece of chocolate if they used the potty or toilet - hey, it's whatever works! In the end, it was quite a talking point that I had the only set of twins pooing for chocolate!!!!)

Very best of luck.

Twinsmommy Mon 24-Aug-09 20:27:23

Oops, sorry, forgot to say, my boys have just turned 3. Boys apparently develop later than girls!!!

NeedCoffee Mon 24-Aug-09 20:44:53

can you leave her with no pants at all? DD2 22 months is fab at using the potty at home but not when she has anything on like knickers or nappy, but if she has a bare bum she'll always go, just a thoguht to start you off

Like the idea of a timer too!

Twinsmommy Mon 24-Aug-09 20:54:00


Hmmm - don't want to sound like I'm preaching! How awful would that be! The technique I used advised against "no pants" but also advised not to waste time with "pull up" nappies either, as this would only confuse the child. It also said to leave the potty in one place - I used the hallway as I didn't want to frighten them with the toilet.

NeedCoffee Mon 24-Aug-09 21:10:45

TM- its ok, I'm not really doing any serious traing yet tbh, just happy to save money on nappies whilst at home and she refuses to wear pants anyway, pulls them off, even her Peppa Pig ones!shockgrin

DesperateHousewifeToo Mon 24-Aug-09 21:33:47

Yes, I agree that they should have pants on.

Part of the process is for them to be able to cope independantly with taking up and down their pants/trousers/skirt/dress/etc. Hence using clothes that are easy to deal with.

Pull ups are just like nappies really, in that they soak everything up and they do not have the same sensory feedback for them i.e. that wet/dirty pants are yuk, lol.

mumofeve Tue 25-Aug-09 11:56:16

To start with, I found it easier (and still do now) to try DD on the potty a short while after she had had a drink (maybe 30 or 40 ins after). This gave the most likelihood of success, and eventually she started going herself. I think the hardest thing to start with is getting them to have a few successes so that they get the point!

Re. pants/pullups, we went straight to pants, and had a few initial days of accidents, however my DD is now just 3 and still has pullups for bedtime - we refer to them as 'special pants' and she knows that they are NOT nappies but special pants for sleeping in. In the past we also used them for long car journeys and she always still asked to go to the toilet.

GreenFingeredMummy Tue 25-Aug-09 12:08:22

Ok so yesterday was a complete disaster. DD refused to go on the potty once she's had her nap. She wanted her knickers on but screamed at any suggestion of the potty. So it seems she may not be ready after all. We managed to go through nearly all my supply of pants in one day! and not a single wee in the potty. As soon as the nappy was back on she took herself off for a poo and wouldn't let me change her until she saw she was getting another nappy on and not being put on the potty. So potty training left for now...

This morning brought her downstairs to a reply of - potty? knick knicks???


Ok so shes in nappies again with the potty left out and hopefully she will see it as a nice thing and we can try again another time.

Love the idea of a timer - very much her knid of thing - so on the hunt for a nice girly looking one.

Thanks everyone for your help - as for pull ups, I think they're a money making con. But thats just my view grin

thesecondcoming Tue 25-Aug-09 16:19:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dysgu Tue 25-Aug-09 16:35:28

I also advocate leaving it until she is ready. TBH I left it even longer as DD1 was ready and I had DD2 comng along and didn't want DD1 regressing!

DD2 came early - so I put off potty training again. Then we were going abroad for a fortnight's holiday - so I put it off again.

Finally DD1 reached 2.8yo and we did it in 4 days (which happened to coincide with her starting pre-school too so maybe not an ideal time.)

We went straight into pants and she was dry during the day from day 3. We stayed home together on day 1 and then I took her out and took a potty with us! We made a sticker chart whihc she loved (but gave upon it after two weeks even though she would happily still be using it as she loves stickers!) By the end of the first week she was holding on long enough to get to public toilets that seemed to be halfway across town!

She has also been dry at night since I stopped putting pull-ups on her after 2 weeks of dry nights.

The only time I can't get her out of nappies is whe we go swimming! She insists on wearing a swimming nappy under her costume (and wears the same size as DD2 (7mo) so there isn't a reason for her not to! She seems to think that you have to wear a nappy for swimming - no ideas there!

Just wait until she is ready. Nursery is sure to be used to nappies and it willbe much easier if you find a time when she and YOU are both ready.

thesecondcoming Tue 25-Aug-09 16:42:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreenFingeredMummy Tue 25-Aug-09 21:22:18

No potty training today and dd managed to sit on the potty before bedtime for a good 10mins reading stories. No wee but at least she was happy to be on it, although it was a battle to get her to come off and get ready for bed... just can't win!

Oh and can sympathise with weeing astride noahs ark, my dd wee'd whilst sitting on her tomy train... yuk!

thesecondcoming Tue 25-Aug-09 21:26:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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