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3.5 yo ds keeps waking in the night - any ideas???

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Quiltingmama Mon 24-Aug-09 10:43:34

My ds has been a good sleeper until the last few weeks when he has started waking in the night saying a variety of things like 'ive lost bunny' or ' I need a drink' and then refusing to go back to sleep unless me or dh hold his hand for aaaaages. I need to get him able to settle himself but don't want to read the riot act to him- any ideas? He used to settle off at bedtime fine but has also taken to only drifting off when his hand is being held. I didn't mind this too much as it is normally just a few minutes but I think it is at the heart of him not going off properly in the dark of night. I am now pg with dc2 and need my sleep - any suggestions would be very welcome!

dingdong05 Mon 24-Aug-09 11:16:33

it's not easy, my 5 years old still gets up at times (usually if he's had an accident, but not always) and insists he just wants a cozy- breaking my heart! What works for us is that I'll get him settled again, give him a kiss/cuddle and then say goodnight. He usually goes right back to sleep. I have to be quite strickt about getting him to go to sleep on his own as he would stay awake chatting if there was anyone else in the room. You may need to do the whole calm, no chat returning to bed they often need when 1st in their big beds, but after a while he'll hopefully do what my ds does now!
best of luck

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