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Anyone else 2 year old not at all interested in TV?

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Elliejane Fri 21-Aug-09 11:25:17


This might seem like a silly post but is anyone else 2 year old not interested in TV> My son has just turned 2 last week and really not watching any TV at all. His sibling at same age was watching nearly full long kids DVD like Dumbo,Bambi etc and all Cbeebies. He also looks at it few mintues then looses interest.
It this unusual at this age? Do not want him in front of tv all day and in way glad he isnot asking for it but just worried he has not much attention span. Will draw for a while and play with toys etc

Anyone else


NumptyMum Fri 21-Aug-09 11:34:10

I wouldn't worry about it. We don't watch TV (watch iPlayer in the evening), so DS (nearly 2) never saw us watching and wasn't familiar with it. Last autumn we got a few nostalgic kids TV dvds like Clangers, Bagpuss etc; he would watch for a few minutes then do other things. Then last Christmas BIL got him a box set of In the Night Garden and after a few times watching he was smitten. Now he can put on DVDs himself blush. So it's probably that your DS isn't interested because he's not used to it and 'doesn't see the point' (if you know what I mean). I think there are other things that are a better measure of concentration/attention span. And anyway, he's a toddler - what attention span?!

frasersmummy Fri 21-Aug-09 11:36:41


I used to say this about my 2 year old as well..

now he is 4 I have to pry him away from the tv... grin

dont worry there will come a day when you will find yourself saying no more cartoons .. I said no more cartooons- go play in the sunshine

Thelongroadhome Fri 21-Aug-09 11:41:44

Mine never watched TV until he was about 4 and like Numpty Mum I now have to drag him away. Make the most of it while you can!

PuppyMonkey Fri 21-Aug-09 11:47:10

I do think it's quite a definite "stage" this sitting still watching TV malarkey. DD1 was watching feature films by two and I even took her to the panto for her second birthday and she was fine, sat totally still.

DD2 (who is 2.4) watches Mr Tumble, but is otherwise not that bothered about TV. She wouldn't watch a whole film and I wouldn't brave a panto with her for quite a while yet.

DD1 was just a lot calmer and more content with life I reckon. DD2 wants to be doing active stuff all the time.

mathanxiety Sat 29-Aug-09 23:26:18

How is his hearing?

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