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sorry people i need to introuce my self really

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emkam11 Fri 21-Aug-09 09:57:44

good morning ladys i am sorry for just coming on the board all guns blazing last night,

once i get started i can rant on for england,

i was given this website yesterday from county hall when i rang them for help and advice with my son,

i am 26 and a wife and a mummy to 2 boys an 8.5 year old and also a 2 year old

i have been having problems with my older boy for a very long time now infact it started when he was 2 and every since then i have been trying ot get from all over the place but just keep getting pushed from pillow to post all the time , as i am sure most of you guys know how that feels lol

i am at the end of my teather with things now, as my son is getting older things are getting worse and i have told the drs ect that we need help asap as thing are getting to bad for me just to be told we will see what happend, we have been having problems at school since the day he started, and got to the point where for the past how ever long i had to go in to school everyday after dchool to find out what he had done now,

i havent really had a huge ammount of support from the school, hense the ringing county hall yesterday,

i also feel that he really needs some theraoy had he has lits of emotional issues as wel; bles shim,
he is such a loving boy but he just doesnt know how to show it, any way enough about that for now lol,

my younger son, is on alot of medication as since he was born he had had very bad relux, ashma , skin problems, and bowel probs aswe;; so he his on medication 8 times a day bless him ,

i love my boys and hubby very very much,
i would love to get to know you all if you would like a crazy lady like me to gate crash lol,

sorry for the long post people like i said i can talk for england lol

hope to speak to all soon x

mumblecrumble Fri 21-Aug-09 20:20:57


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