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Loud screaming just turned 2 year old. Please help me.

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kissyfurschaos Wed 19-Aug-09 19:46:37

Please help i'm getting desparate.
I'm a single mum to DS who has just turned 2. He screams really loudly and it is getting more and more frequent. I have tried telling him firmly 'no'. Tried time out, shouting and even i'm embarrassed to say smacking him (he laughed and just screamed louder.
I just don't know what to do. I am on my own with him with just elderly arents to help who ae also struggling with him.
He doesnt talk but does understand what language is etc.. He calls everything 'bii' and makes no effort to say anything else.
The screaming is both at home and inb ublic and in public he just looks at me with a more determined look as if to say 'what are you going to do.'
Yesterday we travelled back from our holiday 2 trains and a bus and he was awful on all 3. Lots of people tutting and shaking heads. I felt like crying as nothing seems to work. Love him with all my heart but i'm ashamed to say I don't like him at the moment :'-(

meandjoe Wed 19-Aug-09 20:20:20

They all do it to some extent. My ds still does it when he's playing and gets too excited. Or just sometimes cos he's bored I suppose hmm.

I would just be consistant in saying 'no' firmly and just turn away from him and don't make eye contact or speak with him until he has stopped. Make him realise that it's not a way to get attention.

Anyone shaking their heads on the train clearly has not got kids and hasno idea what they do or is just too old to remember what their toddlers did at age 2.

He's still a baby really and finding his voice, experimenting with volume and pushing boundaries. Hitting him REALLY isn't the answer but you seem to know that already.

Have you spoke to anyone regarding his speech? You do sound concerned about it. xxx

kissyfurschaos Wed 19-Aug-09 21:37:54

Thanks for reply :-)
I asked for speech therapy referal at 18 months and also hearing ws checked. Hearing clear thankfully. Speech therapist said the understanding was there but he was just delayed in the process of talking and she'd see us in 6 months. We are back next week. I tell him names of things all the time and he points things out all the time and says 'bii.'' I'll say e.g flag, chair etc.
The screaming sometimes seems just for sake of it and other times if he is cross. He also hits himself, furniture, me or other objects. He also lashes out at a friends 12 month old burt no other children or babies. He headbutts the wall and floor in temper and completely trashes his room in temper.

kissyfurschaos Thu 20-Aug-09 09:40:10

an hour after offering him his milk and toast he still hasnt had them as wont say 'ta' this is one word he can say. today he wont he has screamed, kicked and hit me and I have been putting him on naughty step yet he still continues.

meandjoe Thu 20-Aug-09 20:09:15

Mmmm sounds like a very determined young man! I wouldn't force him into saying 'ta' to be honest. For one thing he's very young and will talk when he wants to and another, there are so many battles with a 2 year old that it just seems one more thing to deal with that isn't vitally important (that's only my opinion though!) My ds is 2 and he does talk, haveto remind him to say ta and please etc which sometimes he does, other times he ignores me completely but I am sure it's just a toddler thing!

My ds went through a hitting phase and would also headbutt the sofa when he got frustrated or bored. I just used to dstract him from the headbutting and say firmly 'no, we don't hit' if he continued now I'd put him on the naughty step but warn him it is going to happen. eave him then go back to him after 2 monutes, explain to him again why you put him there and then distract and carry on as normal. Itdoes work for my ds but again they are all so different. My ds doesn't (yet) kick or even hit anymore but he isa terrible sulker who will turn on the tears for nothing sometimes!

I would ask a Health Visitor for advice on what to do to correct his behaviour or maybe give an insight into why he's doing these things. I am sure a lot of it is probably due to frustration at not being able to communicate. My ds was just horrible until he could talk.

Good luck xxx

meandjoe Thu 20-Aug-09 20:10:26

sorry for all the typing errors!

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