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Please, please advise. I thought I had it sorted and now feel like am losing the plot again...

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jeffily Wed 19-Aug-09 14:37:23

Hi all

my 22 wk old DD has just been through a delightful settled phase, where sleep was beginning to be predictable, she was only waking twice a night and was happy and content most of the day, would play on her play gym and sit in her chair to watch what I was upto..

We've just got back from a week camping, where bed time went a bit askew and there were people around to hold/play with her all the time. On the way home we stayed with friends and I put her down on the big bed upstairs. She managed to get to the edge of the bed and fell off. sad I know I shouldn't have left her, but she had really only rolled over once before that and I did put her right in the middle of the bed. blush Anyway, she fell onto the thickly carpeted floor and she seemed totally fine afterwards, though of course she had a cry. I didn't take her to the doctors.

Since we have been home she has been acting all out of character. She screams in the day if I try to put her down at all, or even to sit down with her on my lap or next to me. She is only happy if she is being carried around facing outwards (not in the sling, which she used to love). She is waking every 1.5/2 hours through the night. She is feeding voraciously, both boobs when previously she would have only taken one, but she gets herself into a right state first and flings herself back screaming when I try to feed her. I have been trying to catch her before she gets upset, but she is so unpredictable with feeding at the moment that it is difficult. She won't sleep in her cot, only in the car seat or sitting on my lap, and whereas I used to be able to transfer her to bed/the sofa etc once she was asleep, she will now wake and scream her head off. The crying is genuine crying, with real tears.

Is this a phase? Could she just be going through a growth spurt? Or is she hungry- should I be thinking about introducing some baby rice (don't really want to do this as wanted to do BLW when the time comes and why start early if not necessary, but she will only feed when she will feed and I don't see how I can increase her milk feeds)? Or, and this is my big fear, has she hurt herself in some way and I have not sorted it out? sad

mankyscotslass Wed 19-Aug-09 14:44:00

Aw I am sorry you are having such a rough time just now.

IIRC, they hit a growth spurt again at this time, it's why a lot of people suddenly think milk is not enough and embark on solids. In reality the feeding settles down once they get the supply up, but it's hard to get through.

I would just rest as much as you can, had a few days of just cuddles and feeds, and take it from there. Eat and drink plenty of good stuff for you.

Try not to worry too much about the bump, most of us have done that too blush. If you are really worried about that then I would get her checked over by your doc/health visitor.

MrsBadger Wed 19-Aug-09 14:51:02

growth spurt growth spurt

nothing to do with the fall, possibly to do with coming home from attention-heavy camping

this was the point at which we started co-sleeping merely in order to save our own sanity...

it does get better - often when they start crawling, or at least moving around more during the day, so they end up more tired at night

TheProvincialLady Wed 19-Aug-09 14:59:50

I agree with the others, it is a growth spurt and probably a developmental spurt. She is more aware of herself and of you, and she is more understanding of what is happening around her. Understandably, she is choosing to get more cuddles and lugging about in the method of her choicegrin Also, LOADS of babies start sleeping badly again at 4-5 months. Baby books will tell you that sleep is something that gets a bit better every week and then once they sleep through the night (using their method, of course), you will never be woken up again. Whereas actually IME babies and toddlers often revert to earlier sleep patterns for a few weeks or months. You are doing nothing wrong and that minor fall off the bed/going camping has nothing to do with it.

Just get through these days and weeks ahead the best way you can, eg co sleeping, sleeping during the day if you can etc, and things will get better of their own accord.

Supercherry Wed 19-Aug-09 17:04:36

Agree with others but I would definitely make a Doctor's appointment to get your DD checked over just to put your mind at rest.

jeffily Wed 19-Aug-09 17:19:36

Thanks all. I've been out this afternoon and met friends at a park and she was delightful the whole time! Always the way, I just get myself in a state staying in at home and then when I do go out it always ends up making me and her feel better. Note to self- remember that!grin

You've all made me feel very reassured tho. I knew I could rely on you lot. Thanks

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