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DD 2y9m - will she ever listen/do as asked/told?

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mumtojennifer Wed 19-Aug-09 12:33:36

I feel like a nag! My constant repetition seems to fall on deaf ears and it is driving me crazy! I almost always end up shouting which I hate myself for - not that she listens to that either!!

It's all well and good saying ignore it but you can only do that for so long......hmm

Her behaviour is by no means intolerable, it's just the times I make a request/ask her to do/not to do something, like tease the dog that I am ignored.

I do try the naughty step which works sparodically but need some more techniques/ideas.


leisurely Wed 19-Aug-09 13:28:24

Not if she is anything like mine. She has been a little monkey since she was born, now eight going on fifteen. she is a delightful little girl, but, can be a total swine. Cheeky, spiteful and argumentative. Still, only eight more days till she's back at school.

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