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Concerns about 2 year old DS

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foxycat Wed 19-Aug-09 11:12:11

I've got a 23 month old DS and have one major concern about him - his arm flapping. He flaps alot. Mainly when he's excited about something, but also sometimes if he's frustrated or cross. It started when he was quite a young baby, but seems to be coming more and more pronounced. He's also started to accompany the flapping with dancing on the spot.

His development seems pretty much on track - he has pretty good receptive and expressive language, I think anyway, from my limited experience! He's communicative and shares attention well. The only other thing that's perhaps worth mentioning is that he pointed very late, around 16/17 months, although seemed able to follow a point OK from quite a young age. He's also very active a lot of the time, sometimes overly so, it seems to me, and sometimes unable to focus on things for any length of time.

It's probably obvious from my message that my concerns lie in the area of ASD. If the flapping seemed to be showing signs of diminishing I don't think I would be as concerned, but it seems to be coming more and more frequent.

I just wondered if anyone else's child arm flapped at this age to such an exetent, and yet otherwise seemed developmentally 'normal'. And, if so, when should it start to show signs of diminishing?


leisurely Wed 19-Aug-09 13:32:10

Our daughter did, and still does,flap her hands rather than her arms. This happened from the age of about one and continues to this day. Generally when she is anxious about something, or if she has done something 'wrong' and knows that we'll be cross or disappointed. I don't know who you'd be able to talk to about it as we've never lived (with her) in the UK. We accept it as part of her and call it 'doing a Tommy Cooper'.

foxycat Wed 19-Aug-09 19:38:21


TalkIsCheap Wed 19-Aug-09 19:45:22

'Thank you for your reply, Leisurely smile

Does anyone else have experience of this kind of behaviour please?'

That is the polite way to bump your thread when someone has been kind enough to answer

foxycat Wed 19-Aug-09 20:04:10

I'm sorry, I don't have much experience of these boards. But you're right TalkIsCheap, I certainly should have thanked the posted. I apologise if I've upset anyone.

thank you for your reply leisurely - I'm trying to accept that it may just be a part of who DS is, which is of course fine. I suppose I'm just worried that there may be something more to it.

meandjoe Wed 19-Aug-09 20:14:39

Lol foxy, I've been using these boards for nearly 2 years and I still didn't realise there was a rule to bumping threads! I muxt watxh my manners in future!

Anyway, just wanted to say my ds was 2 last week and he arm flaps a lot when he's excited. He does it to the dog too which I really do try to discourage as the poor dog is flinching and cowering sad. I think it's quite common. DS seems t obe developing 'normally', pointed at about 9 months, eye contact, talks A LOT though not always clearly but nothing unusual for a 2 year old. I think a lot of kids do it whether asd or not.

You mention he is 'overly active', what did you mean by that? Do you mean you are concerned by his energy level or just his inability to sit and concentrate on anything? Either way it all sounds very normal for a 2 yr old boy. My ds is VERY active, today he sat on the sofa for about 10 minutes and that is the longest he has ever sat still unless strapped into the car seat! Must add that it was the only time he has been still all day too! All sounds fine to me.

foxycat Wed 19-Aug-09 20:36:18

Thanks meandjoe! I do feel a bit bad now though, but really didn't mean to offend anyone! Oh dear, my second post and I've already upset people.

With regard to the over activness, he just seems to be constantly on the go. He likes to sit down and read with me, and will concentrate then for about 10 minutes, but with other activities he seems to get bored quite quickly and want to move on to the next thing. He's quite demanding and always saying 'read' or 'play' or 'eat' or something! He's my only child though, and I dont' have much experience of other children, so maybe that is quite normal for a 2 year old.

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