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4 year old DD regressing maybe

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pjsmum Tue 18-Aug-09 11:39:08

Hi. My 4 year old DD has started to wet the bed every night sometimes, 2- 3 times. She will admit that she has 'done it on purpose' and has corrected me when Ive said it was an accident ( As four year olds do!)
She is starting school in September so am aware that this will be causing some anxiety for her.
Do i put her back into night time pant/nappies things? Ive tried to reward her for having a dry night. She isnt bothered if she doesnt get a sticker etc.
We are also moving house, which she is aware of and Im sure this is adding to the problem. Can anyone recommend any books dealing with this, bed wetting or starting a new school?
Many thanks

SoupDragon Tue 18-Aug-09 11:44:35

Since she says she is doing it on purpose, I'd tell her that in that case I would have to put her back in baby pants for the night. then see what happened.

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