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Eleven month old biting - are they all little vampires?

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DoodleAlley Mon 17-Aug-09 21:17:06

My eleven month DS was a late teether in that his first tooth only came through about a month ago. He's since had a further three, two of which came within a day of each other.

When the teeth were cutting he gnawed everything which is fair enough. However, all four have now been through for a couple of weeks and in the past fortnight he's started biting DH and I. He's worse when tired, and I bear the brunt of the biting.

It's really painful at times. I didn't expect him to be biting at such a young age and I'm not convinced he always understands no. I can't really remove him from the situation as I'm often taking him up to bed for a nap etc and so need to get on.

Is this normal and does anyone have any tips short of a muzzle on him or 80's size shoulder pads to protect me?!

Singstar Mon 17-Aug-09 21:25:28

yeah its normal and you just have to put up with it until he learns to stop - although a firm 'no' everytime mine did it and putting him down or moving him away from the offending area always helps. Apparently though shoulder pads are back in fashion so you could always resort to them and be the height of sophistication and style !

DoodleAlley Mon 17-Aug-09 21:27:28

Thanks. I knew about biting at a toddler stage but didn't anticipate it so young! I can't help but say ouch when it happens which seems to surprise him and so I hope he's noticing but maybe I need to get better on saying no etc.

Thanks, it's good to know I've not just bred a vampire!!

hairymelons Mon 17-Aug-09 21:38:29

Totally normal. And you're right, he probably doesn't really understand no. The good news is that he will eventually if you keep repeating it.
My DS was biting boobs and all sorts at 11mo- double ow!- he's now 13mo and fully understands that I don't want him to bite me. He still goes to do it, then looks at me to see if I'll say anything. I say no and offer him something else to bite on. It's not malicious, he just needs to bite on something to relieve the teething pain but it's not nice being on the receiving end.
DS's first teeth appeared at about 10 1/2 mo and they've been coming thick and fast since so he's always chewing/ bitey.
When he's like this we treat the teething pain 10-15 minutes before bedtime, makes settling him much easier.
Just keep saying no and offering something else to bite on and he'll get it eventually.

DoodleAlley Mon 17-Aug-09 21:43:49

Thankfully he's not been biting during feeding. I've seen him consider it and I've pulled out in time!

More than anything I just wanted to check he wasn't unusual and it's good to know it's just a phase. We've been using Calpol at night because his sleep seems pretty interrupted by pain during the night, although are a bit concerned that using it for weeks on end might not be great for him.

But the teething pain doesn't seem to be letting up. It's a tough time for them isn't it?

Thanks again

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