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12 year old in need of some support

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jerin Mon 17-Aug-09 20:33:32

Not sure of the best place to post this but hopefully someone can help.....
my nephew is 12 starting high school in sept but being a real handful. His mum and stepdad are at their wits end and I can see him lasting only 10 mins at new school. The problem is he's a really good kid but I feel hes misunderstood. Hes sensitive and looks for encouragement and acceptance. His parents arent good at showing it. Life seems like a constant battle between them. He's put up with a lot during his little life and seen far more than a kid or adult should see - his real dad used to hit his mum, pulled a gun and took some hostages a few yaers back. his step dad is ex-army and quire disciplined which can be a good thing but I've seen his dishing out punishments when theres really been no crime. They want the boy to have counselling - I think the whole family would benefit from it and they did agree. But where do they go to get it? Dont really want to involve social services but they wouldnt be able to pay.... the pressures on me to try find some happy ground.... please help....

chegirl Mon 17-Aug-09 20:44:52

The first place to look is usually CAMHS.

Try here for info

Its really good that the family want to be involved and are thinking about counselling.

chegirl Mon 17-Aug-09 20:45:53

Sorry wrong link! That is one from early I will do it again blush

chegirl Mon 17-Aug-09 20:48:18

hairymelons Mon 17-Aug-09 21:11:22

Relate offer family counselling.Depending on their local PCT policy, they may be able to get the first few sessions free via a GP referral. Beyond this, if finances are an issue they may be offered sessions at a much reduced cost.
Also, maybe your local Citizens Advice will be aware of which services are available locally?
Also, have you tried children's charities such as Barnados etc? Not sure if they could help but maybe worth a google.
Hope your nephew's family find the support they need soon.

danthe4th Mon 17-Aug-09 21:52:15

The high school can also offer councilling and many schools now have a mentoring system in place.

mathanxiety Tue 18-Aug-09 05:22:49

I was going to suggest the school too and that way the relevant info might be shared with teachers and they might be able to cut him some slack in the discipline department as indicated. Better than having therapy information in one place and child in another most of the day with various teaching professionals in the dark about what the child is going through and possibly misunderstanding him too.

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