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Sleep please any ideas for very active toddler?

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ssmile Mon 17-Aug-09 19:50:37

My DD 2.4 has always been a problem sleeper, was 9mths before she slept more than 6hrs with out waking up etc. She went into her toddler bed 2 months ago and is now waking every night normally around 1am not settling again until 4am then up at 6am. We are exhausted. Maybe once a week she will sleep through the night so I cant complain too much compared to some on here.

We have a sleep kid clock which she understands the concept of and will go back into her room until it 'wakes up' at 6.30am. But she needs to be constantly 'walked' back into her room or she comes into ours. I really dont want her to sleep in our bed as we did it once and then she wanted it every night and I get no sleep then at all. Any more tips you can share??

talking Mon 17-Aug-09 22:25:13

Maybe try baby massage?
Playing her classical music?

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