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Nap resistance from 16 month old...really need some help :)

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ssjj Mon 17-Aug-09 14:39:20


This is my first time posting, although have been a member for a while..

My DD had been in an excellent routine. She was'nt always the best eater, or napper but we've got through and I think all in all she is quite a typical toddler.

Since around 4/5 months, I've been able to put her down for a nap and she sends herself off no problem. In the last 6 months, this has been aided by her soft toy and sucking of her thumb. However, since going to a childminder for 2 days a week, the naps have started going a bit downhill. I didnt worry so much as I put it down to being the excitment of being there, and it didnt affect her naps at home.

Although she always went down easily for 2 naps, she was unpredictable about how long they would last. Once upon a time it was 30 mins morning and 1.5 hours after lunch. The lunch one has slowly been getting shorter and shorter (45 mins) and at the back of my mind I thought, it should be time to drop the morning one soon and then hopefully she will learn to sleep longer in the afternoon.

This week, she started totally refusing to go to sleep for her AM nap. So after 3 days, I took this is the sign...but long story short, she is now refusing her second nap too.

Also, which I think is linked, is the fact she has been waking earlier and earlier..from 5am and screaming her head off.

She is in the process of cutting 5 teeth (2 biggies and some pointy ones), but that's been for over a couple of weeks now and I am starting to think it might be something else ..separation anxiety??

Anyone experience anything similiar and have plan of action ??? I feel I have regressed about 15 months...

Thanks a lot

Fluffypoms Mon 17-Aug-09 15:45:20

How old is DD?
My DS 2.5 doesnt like to nap much anymore. if i need to do house work ect i take him for a long play in park then,lunch and warm milk.
if i put him to bed he knows my game and will not give in, so i will usually let him fall asleep on sofa not ideal. but lets me get on.wink

ssjj Mon 17-Aug-09 19:54:00

Thanks for replying

She's only 16 months so no where near ready to give up naps altogether. I've never been able to get her to sleep anywhere but the cot (or car or pram if moving) but dont want to get back into the latter two when she and the cot were so happy for a year! If I put her on the sofa, she'd just get off

Its just a bit of a shocker having her cry so much at nap time and its knocking onto her general happiness - her temper is so short with so little sleep!!!

I'm dreading it will soon affect her nighttime sleep.

backonthedecaff Tue 18-Aug-09 22:32:07

I too have a 16mth old who is extremely resistant to day time napping. Today she fell asleep in the car at 4.15pm; not ideal. I had thought that I finally had a child who didn't start trying to give up sleep way before she was ready (both my other dds had given up napping by the age of 2)and who could be put down in a cot for a nap, but sadly it was only a phase. I wouldn't necessarily put it down to a change in routine though. My 16mth old just hates to miss out on anything. With the older two I ended up doing the pram pushing / car trip thing and, I'm afraid, I will probably end up doing the same with this one. Anything not to have a screamingly tired toddler by teatime!

MultiTaskingMum Tue 18-Aug-09 22:46:05

Please excuse the question, have you tried asking your childminder whether she gives your DD a sleep? If there are other children there too, your DD may be too excited to want to sleep when she is there and have developed a new routine as she is scared of missing anything?????
It could be up to you to now re-establish your routine, making it clear that there are 'mummy days' with a sleep and 'childmindername days' without? Just an idea: Have you tried giving her a really energetic morning so she is really tired and putting her to bed and leaving her to fall asleep...????
Really sorry - I know it is exhausting with a child that's tired out and doesn't want to sleep - my 8yo was like that tonight!

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