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My 6 Year Old has frequent tantrums - help!

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Roz99 Sun 16-Aug-09 22:17:47

My 6 year old boy has major screeching tantrums for virtually any reason-can't get his socks on, spells a word wrong, has a minor bump -it's driving me mad. How should I respond-ignore him? Talk though the reasons? Scream back? I've tried them all -please help!

Loosingmymind Mon 17-Aug-09 07:19:53

Watch house of tiny tearaways on Really if you have sky - it's full of amazing advice! Think it is on at 8pm. I think they say you should ignore them consistently and eventually they will calm down. Harder than it sounds though!

Luxmum Mon 17-Aug-09 09:50:38

i am in the middle of reading How to Talk to Kids So they Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk. I've a 4 YO, and it's certainly helped me ward off tantrums. It's definately worth a shot. I think screaming back is counterproductive, it's all about NOT getting them to scream, and you screaming back rationalises this for him. Try empathising with him 'yes, socks are really tricky to put on aren't they' and mirroring the behavior you expect off him. ie, calmness, and practice in accomplishing tasks. Obviously, harder to do than say, but so far, for me it's slowly working.

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