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Day 2 of Potty - advice needed

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Moofold Sun 16-Aug-09 11:57:55

My little girl started using her potty yesterday, she's 2 and a half. Lots of pees in potty but also went through 9 pairs of pants! However, she is spending almost all of her time perched on it - although she does seem to know when to run over to do a pee if she is up and about. So, do most new potty users spend so much time on it?

Also, she is very regualr and normally has 2 poos a day and has had none since yesterday morning. Might she have a hang up about pooing in potty - have others experienced this?

Have to go out later for a family dinner and contemplating a pull up for 30 min car journey. Wise or not?

guineamango Sun 16-Aug-09 20:52:58

I wouldn't bother with pull ups. Take lots of spare clothes and put a towel for her to sit on in car seat. Pull ups confuse them IMO.
It's only your first day so well done, keep up the praise for her when she gets it right. Remind her to go regularily. No doubt she will poo when one way or another. My DD held on a bit in the early days. And the poo's took longer to train her to do on the potty. Good luck

HSMM Sun 16-Aug-09 21:01:14

I would use pull ups (or a nappy), but up to you. I know most people say putting anything on them confuses them.

oneopinionatedmother Sun 16-Aug-09 22:44:01

well done to your DD

new potty using involveslots of potty time -once they are confident they'll leve it.

she may not be sure whether it is ok to poo on the potty - keep up the poo-inducing food/ drink, heavy praise for te teeniest of poos(i've been trying this for months wihout lasting joy - got to work sooner or later!)

Moofold Mon 17-Aug-09 12:59:59

Thanks everyone. We used a pull up in the car which was still dry when we arrived. Then lots of anxious following her around to make sure she didn't poo in a corner somewhere! She kept disappearing on her own and telling me to go away (sure sign poo is coming) so I had to reinforce to use the potty and then she managed 3 poos in the potty!

Things are going great today with no mishaps at all and another poo in the potty. We have a reward chart and she has won 3 prizes so far so everyone is happy. Very proud of her adapting so quickly.

The next hurdle will be going out to the playpark or shops. I haven't been able to think about how we will manage that! Take potty with us, attempt to use public loos? So much to think about.............

guineamango Mon 17-Aug-09 17:59:58

Well done! Hoorah for poo's in potty!
In the early days I used to carry about a spare potty. When going to park, and try and use public loo's when shopping. Also took pot of smarties to bribe/reward her with. As public toilets can be a bit more intimidating for them. Just go for it as long as you have enough spare clothes/shoes what can go wrong!

mathanxiety Tue 18-Aug-09 07:11:08

I hate potties. When the time comes, you'll have to retrain her to use the real thing. I would only use one in an emergency. I would vote for never going back to nappies or using pullups after starting training. You are trying to establish a habit and that requires constant exposure to the new habit. It might help your DD if you were to approach the training from the perspective of keeping her new panties dry and clean, rather than looking at it as an attempt to pee in the potty. That way, the peeing in the potty is what you do to accomplish your main aim, dry pants. Your DD can go about her daily business, and every so often, perhaps every half an hour at most, you can ask her if her panties are dry, and ask her to check. Then ask her how we keep our panties dry and she should remember it's by peeing and pooping in the potty. After about two weeks of doing this constantly you'll answer the phone and ask the caller if her panties are dry, but it keeps the little one's mind focused on acquiring the new habit. People the child loves can be told about the dry pants on a daily basis, and can praise her, along with stars on a chart and lots of loving encouragement and patience when accidents occur. Getting out and about is nerve wracking, though. Keep your trips short.

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