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3 Year old behaviour

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cherryapple Sun 16-Aug-09 10:01:27

Hi, my daughter will be 3 1/2 in Sept and attends nursery 2 mornings a week.She will be starting school nursery in Sept 5 afternoons a week. At the moment her behaviour is getting worse every day she is very demanding with me, if she doesnt get her way she screams the house down it just seems that all day she goes from one extreme to another demanding "I want this I want that" then 2 mins later it's something else. I have to say she is an only child but even when she's not at nursery we go out and do different things every day. I have been told by her nursery that she's very well behaved and eats her lunch with no problems. Dinner time in our house is a nightmare as she leaves it on the table until it's stone cold then demands that I feed her. I have been throwing her dinners in the bin when she refuses to eat them. I know that at this stage they are pushing the boundries but I really don't know how to deal with her, we have taken toys away, sent her to her room to no avail it doesnt faze her.This morning I was in bed and she jumped on me and hurt my leg then she started to hug me then bit me on my leg. I just feel that no matter how firm we are with her she is out of control.
HELP advise needed please.

woodlands35 Sun 16-Aug-09 14:41:59

hi cherryapple , my DD (3.8) is EXACTLY the same bar the biting ( when she was 2 she used to sink her teeth into ds 10) that has stopped now but everything else you describe is the same , from the moment my dd opens her eyes in the morning & until the last thing at night she screams for EVERYTHING ALL DAY LONG , & as soon as she gets what she wants she loses interest in it & screams for something else angry
my dd is starting Montessori school tomorrow for the first time so i am hoping that might tame her a little blush
have you tried the dreaded " naughty step "
it works with my dd ,

danthe4th Sun 16-Aug-09 18:09:15

Why do you go out and do something every day, i'm not critisising but you need to teach her how to relax and chill out with you, have a bit of calm time at home, doing simple baking or painting with you as a reward for good behaviour. Heap the praise on when she is good and ignore her when she isn't. Don't give in too her petty demands, be consistent if she won't eat bin it, you could try this at lunch so she will be very hungry and have an early dinner. Taking toys away doesn't often work but rewards with small treats like an extra story at bed time, baking cakes for daddy. She isn't out of control as you say shes trying it on and sounds a bit of a madam, but it will pass and move on to the next delightful phase, lol. good luck

KembleTwins Sun 16-Aug-09 18:12:47

Also maybe try leaving her to her own devices occasionally. My DTs are 3.1 and we've finally cracked letting them have time most days when there are no organised activities and I am busy doing something else (usually ironing, cleaning etc that I NEED them out of the way for) They have become far less demanding, more creative and spend more time enjoying the toys they have. Was hard at first, but I'm reaping the rewards now.

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