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Very stroppy, angry, wetting herself - could it be stress?

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swiperfox Thu 26-May-05 21:42:38

DD, 3.5, has become a bit of a nightmare over the last couple of weeks. She's normally a bit stroppy anyway but is just becoming unvearable. Shouting at us if we ask her to do something she doesn't like etc, won't go to daddy if he asks her not to do something. She's also started wetting the bed and just generally not bothering to go to the toilet if she needs a wee. She doesn't wet the bed at night, it's in the morning, she just doesn't go down to the toilet in time. Tonight she wee'd on the bathroom floor while she was playing in the sink and then again while she was just sitting on the sofa talking to me.
Everything is changing at the mo, we are in the middle of moving so everything is packed up in boxes. She has had to give her cats away and has left her playgroup.

Is it likely that it's just stress that is making her like this? Is there something/anything I should be doing to get her through it and out of it?

Chandra Thu 26-May-05 21:49:24

It looks to me as it is, no cats, no play group and all the surroundings changing should be more than enough to make it feel like that.

I don't know how much time it will take for you to move to your new house and have everything settled in the new one, but it may help to explain her every morning a plan for the day so she knows what's comming and try to structure a sort of routine for her, probably a bit looser for the time being but at least something that makes her feel some continuity. HTH

NannyL Thu 26-May-05 21:58:19

Sounds like she is V insecure and worried about it all!

try not to be too cross, show her lots of love and reassurance!

I was in my library today and saw a GREAT book about moving house... why not have some quality time with her... find some books about it all and be pateint and im suer she'll be back to herslef in no time!

YeahBut Fri 27-May-05 16:11:19

My daughter did a lot of the same stuff when we moved so it could well be the stress of upheaval. However, I think it would be worth taking her to the doc to have a urinary tract infection ruled out. Children don't always present with the usual symptoms of high fever etc., in fact, one of the biggest indicators in my dd2 (who is very prone to UTIs) is that her behaviour goes right downhill and she becomes very irritable and narky. This is on top of not making it to the loo etc.

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