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madmarchhare Thu 26-May-05 19:28:56

What is the metal capacity of an 18 month old when it comes to mealtimes and general behaviour/diciplining (for want of a better word)? eg, refusing food and how to deal with it etc..(am pretty sure that he's saving the worst for me, so is playing me IYKWIM).

californiagirl Fri 27-May-05 18:01:05

That's a pretty general question, which makes it hard to answer. Plus, kids can "know" something and still be unable to act on it (the same way you can "know" you shouldn't have another chocolate bar but there it is, calling your name...) And everybody saves up their worst behavior for somebody, usually the people they know will forgive them, ie their nearest and dearest. So he could well be behaving differently at home for reasons that have nothing to do with wanting to drive you crazy or choosing to be bad.

What specific behaviors are you concerned about?

madmarchhare Fri 27-May-05 18:20:25

Its not really bad behaviour, just things such as thowing things/climbing and I'm wondering how I deal with it. A lot of advice given is for older toddlers and I can see how that works but just not sure for his age. Do I say no, and just keep repeating myself til he gets it?, as I imagine that he is too young for any other forms of dicipline. I know that kids his age throw things etc, but I obviously dont want it to get out of control because I should have dealt with it in a certain way now.

At meal times, again, its throwing and refusal to eat. Do I persevere? , do I try again in 15mins?, do I offer alternatives? or do I go for the 'right thats it, meal time is over' and he goes without? I am willing to go with the latter if that is the right thing to do for his age.

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