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night-time wake ups despite nappy to go on potty? cures?

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stircrazymum Fri 14-Aug-09 10:51:14

My 2yr 8 month dd has done really well over last few weeks c potty training and has very few accidents and takes herself off to the potty during the day. However over the last week she has been waking in the night to go on the potty (4 or 5 out of 7, on the other nights her nappy is dry in the morning). Last night was the worst, I woke to the sound of what sounded like someone trying to kill her. I went in and she was desperate to go on the potty. She was then in such a rush to get there and half asleep she then wee'd all over the floor and then spent an hour crying about it after!

I can see it is confusing for her, I've trying saying she can wee in nappy but she really doesn't want to. The problem is I am 36 weeks pregnant and don't really want to be getting up for night time potty episodes if we just ditch the nappies. I have thought of night light + potty by bed but suspect this would lead to night time wakings too.

Any similar experiences +- solutions

Any advice gratefully recieved.

littone Fri 14-Aug-09 11:18:41

no experience, but could she manage a pull-up style nappy? Can you place potty on old towel so make any spillages easier to clean up quickly? I wouldn't encourage her to use the nappy - you are contracting what she has learnt so far!! Unfortunately I think getting up with a young child who needs the loo in the night is par for the course. Do you have a DP/DH you can kick out of bed to help her?

UniS Fri 14-Aug-09 20:27:02

Her timing isn't great but it sound like she is ready to not wear nappies at night. she's waking, knowing AND holding on long enough.

Do you know if her dry nights co-incide with a diffrent pattern of drinks in the afternoon / evening?

We had this phase from our lad just before he stopped wearing pull ups, TBH he was only in pull ups at night for teh last few weeks coz we were staying in someone elses house and I didn;t want to risk wet mattress. I / DH just had to get up and take him to the loo/ potty.

mathanxiety Sun 16-Aug-09 06:33:52

This is actually a really great thing. Your DC really gets the whole idea. Try limiting drinks about two hours before bedtime.

stircrazymum Sun 16-Aug-09 21:35:45

Thanks for replies, it really helps to get a bit of perspective. Hopefully it is a phase. We have tried limiting fluids and potty/nightlight and I'm afraid the wakening has continued but hopefully it will get better. I've started jabbing my dh in the ribs instead of getting up myself which helps!

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