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how do I avoid DS appearing in the middle of his nursery class with no trousers on?

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normanthehairdresser Thu 13-Aug-09 23:09:05

DS (3.3) is delightful but distractible when it comes to the boring stuff. He's been toilet trained for some time and will happily take himself to the loo, take trousers down and do the business. Trouble is that he then appears minus pants and trousers and has to be frogmarched back to loo and stood over while hands are washed and trousers reapplied.

This I can cope with at home, but he starts nursery school in 3 weeks. Toilets are adjacent to nursery space and the kids take themselves unless they ask for help. I doubt DS will do this as he's shy of strange adults.

I'd like to have a push in next few weeks to avoid him appearing trouserless in the middle of his nursery class on the first day! Can anyone offer tips on how to achieve this? I wondered if a star chart and/or bribery would be in order though I'm not a general fan.

Or should I just chill re the no-trousers scenario? They are a pretty relaxed sort of nursery and I have no doubt they would cope with it.

WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 13-Aug-09 23:10:48

I wouldn't worry too much - DS1 does this at home but has never done it at nursery so I suspect that behaviour among peers will be somewhat different than at home! Plus I'm sure the nursery will be pretty used to dealing with this kind of thing, if it happens.

secretgardin Thu 13-Aug-09 23:27:38

don't worry, the nursery will have seen it all before grin and worse. my ds used to pull down his trousers when he had tantrums at that age, still don't know what brought that on... it is a scary concept leaving them at nursery or school for the first time, but your ds will be fine and you will soon move on to worrying about something else grin

Meglet Thu 13-Aug-09 23:33:32

I think you can chill out about the trouser incidents, the staff won't bat an eyelid and will probably have a few sneaky tricks to persuade him to stop. My ds's nursery staff are a bottom-less pit of toddler taming tricks that I wouldn't think of in a million years.

feedthegoat Thu 13-Aug-09 23:38:39

My ds is still much like yours at home.

I was shocked to sat the least when his preschool told me that he locked them out of the cubicle as he liked to go by himself. At the time he had me doing everything from pulling his pants down to lifting him on the toilet!

I wouldn't worry about it too much.

allaboutme Fri 14-Aug-09 13:50:28

my ds does that at home. he's never done it at pre-school, they even told me he is very good at hand washing and he needs telling every time at home!!

normanthehairdresser Tue 18-Aug-09 20:22:53

Dear all

Just to say THANK YOU - I couldn't get onto the boards for a while and it's great to come back and find all these reassuring messages.

Sounds as if I should let him find his way at nursery school and may well find he is trouserless only at home!

Thanks again I should do this more often when I'm worried.

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