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nowlady Thu 13-Aug-09 21:54:39

My MIL looks after my 2 dc while dh and I work. It usuaully goes well.
However, she is having her 3 other grandchildren to visit this weekend and my dh's nephew who is 11 is a nightmare and a bully to my ds3.
The good thing is that he does not visit often and I am usually there to keep a close eye on him, but I will be at work tomorrow when they arrive which means they will be in my house for some time before I come home.
The last time he visited my ds had carpet burns on his back after he dragged him down the hall. My MIL insisted my ds fell off the bed by himself.
Anyway, I would like advice on how to ask my MIL who can be overpowering, to keep a close on eye on her grandson with my ds. She is very sensitive to criticisim regarding her grandchildren, and could take offense

kinnies Thu 13-Aug-09 22:55:43

Well you are going to have to say somthing but as you said she may take offense.

Maybe your DH could raise it (if he wont get to see her in the morning he could phone??)

If not then say somthing along the lines of
"Oh I'm so pleased little git nephew and Ds are going to get to play together, it would be lovley if they can be close cousins. Ds was upset after nephew was a bit too rough the last time they played together so maybe you could keep an eye on that because I'm sure they will be great mates" ect

That way you've said that you are happy for nephew to play but also got her to agree to watch out for your son.

But if you are not sure she will, then maybe she shouldnt look after your Dc at all.

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