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DD 3.7yrs started weeing in pullups before getting into bed (not asleep) What to do?

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Dillydaydreamer Thu 13-Aug-09 21:15:57

DD1 is 3.7yrs and has been dry in the day since 21mths. Since then she has never woken up dry in the morning and it has never been made an issue of. Recently she has started wetting her pullups which we put on after her bath, once she gets into pj's. I have explained they are lots of pennies and she must go to the toilet when she is awake but tonight she has done it again sad.
How would you handle it? My instinct says it is laziness because she doesn't want to stop what she is doing or she thinks by going upstairs it means straight to bed. hmm though this hasn't happened before hmm

UniS Thu 13-Aug-09 22:33:51


You may have to do a bit more washing for a few days, but she is likly to get bored of being wet and having to get herself changed. ( assuming NT child with no underlying physical issues)

If you still want her to wear a pull up at night , you could try: pull up goes on after a sit on the loo as she goes into her bed and comes off as soon as she is out of it in the morning.

Have you tried ( recently) lifting her late evening and seeing if she will do a wee then?

Dillydaydreamer Thu 13-Aug-09 22:46:18

She doesn't wet at all during the day in pants, didn't do it in pullups while awake until the last few weeks either. I think we will have to leave the pullup off until she goes to bed. I have tried lifting her but she is still wet and the other day she went for an afternoon sleep having gone to the toilet first and still wet in her sleep sad

There is a family history of late wetting though, so not too worried about nights.

mathanxiety Sun 16-Aug-09 06:49:01

Throw out all the pullups, limit drinks two hours before bedtime, insist on some time spent on the commode within the hour before bed, and have her do most of the mopping up, using paper towels, plastic bags for wet clothes and sheets, but not in a punishment sort of way. Just to show her that where she pees and when is her responsibility now that she is a big girl. And she should also be putting on her own replacement dry clothes. There will be a horrible smell for a while and lots of laundry for you until she gets the hang of taking responsibility for all of this herself. There's a book 'Toilet Training in Less Than a Week' written by someone who originally trained mentally challenged older children to use the toilet, but adapted for toddlers who are not mentally challenged. The idea in this method is to have the child take the responsibility for toileting and dealing with the results of peeing or pooping elsewhere, with lots of positive encouragement and feedback from other people the child knows and loves, along with repetitive practice runs to the toilet. It may seem drastic, and it requires total involvement and focus on toileting from the caregiver and child for a week or two, but sometimes what a parent needs is a sense of there being light at the end of the tunnel, and a sense that you're not just running around in circles.

Dillydaydreamer Wed 19-Aug-09 23:08:26

Hi mathanxiety thanks for your post but I think we have crossed wires?? smile
DD has been completely DRY and CLEAN since 21mths!! That is why it is very frustrating that she has started wetting her NIGHT pullups Just Before going to bed (put on about 1800hrs ready for bed)She is not ready to night train and I am not concerned at 3.7, its the wetting just before going to bed and while she is awake that is annoying as it has never happened in the 2 yrs she has been dry.
We had a long chat last night before bed and it transpires that she is worrying about being bullied (as she was last term in pre-school) when she goes back to pre-school, she is also seeking attention because she feels her sister gets cuddles first all the time sad. Now I know it will get sorted I am sure.

Dillydaydreamer Wed 19-Aug-09 23:11:24

Oh and we never used pullups to toilet train, only during the night to prevent her having every night disturbed by having to have her bed changed.
She has always worn knickers from 21 months

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