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What age was yours when they could sit without support?

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fireandice Thu 13-Aug-09 10:55:22

I know this topic has been covered before but needed some thoughts as I am getting quite worried. My dd is 8 months old and doesn't really sit up. She can sit up but as soon as she reaches for a toy or turns, she topples over. She is never ever still... always looking for the next thing so ends up managing to sit for no more than 15-20 seconds at best. She hasn't worked out using her hands to keep her stable and upright. I am concerned as I thought by 8 months all babies are able to sit for quite a while. In every other respect she seems fine... has said her first words, rolls in both directions, very mobile - not crawling but moves along commando style, happy to spend time on her tummy etc. Was interested to know if anyone else has babies who have taken this long to sit up properly?

SJisontheway Thu 13-Aug-09 11:41:58

DD2 sat quite early, friends DD was 8 months before she mastered it and my friend was very anxious. They are both the same age, now nearly 1 and my frinds DD is walking. Given how well she is doing with other milestones, I think it's unlikey there is anything to worry about. DD1 has SN and did not sit till much later, but was behind with all milestones. Check wih HV if you are worried, but she sounds like she is doing great to me.

Roomfor2 Thu 13-Aug-09 11:51:58

She's probably just not interested in sitting still. Sounds like she'd rather be on the floor moving about!

Mine sat unaided at about 6 mths, but didn't crawl til after her first birthday, so I wouldn't worry, she is just doing things in her own time. It sounds like she is doing well with her mobility, so her muscles are all working.

I used to sit DD on my lap and hold her upright, so that her core muscles got used to it, then I put cushions round her, etc. She might just need to build up the muscles that hold her up in the middle. That way she would hold herself up with her core muscles rather than using her arms to hold herself up, IYSWIM. Mine still did the toppling over thing that you mention, but this again is about strengthening the muscles. If she leans forward, she would need her back muscles to help her sit back up again. It just takes a bit of practice, and she might have been concentrating more on the 'floor' movement, so hasn't been working on this new movement very long. I wouldn't worry, but you can always ask your HV if you're still worried.

CandiCands Thu 13-Aug-09 11:55:29

My son was 4,5 months when he was able to sit on his own and around 5 months when he was able to be left completely unaided.

I really woulnd't worry as all children are different in achieving or reaching their milestones. My son may have sat early but he never ever rolled over!!!

She will get there in the end, like they all do. x

KirstyJC Thu 13-Aug-09 11:57:56

DS1 was sitting unaided at 5 months, DS2 only got it about 7,5 months and was wobbly as anything.

As others have said, if all other milestones are OK and health generally good, I wouldn't worry. An 'average' time means that loads of babies are early, and loads later.
I'm sure she will get there when she is

JJ1471 Thu 13-Aug-09 13:01:10

My ds could sit up from about 6 months, but at 7 months still often topples over. I can't leave him on his own and I always put down cushions. I think that he is perfectly capable of sitting for longer, he is just desperate to be on the move and would rather be shuffling around. It sounds as though your dd feels the same! One of my friends has a baby the same age that at 6 months could sit perfectly steady for ages, but had never rolled.

Ceebee74 Thu 13-Aug-09 13:05:21

My DS1 sounds exactly like your DD. He rolled over at 4 months and was commando crawling at 7 months...but didn't sit up unaided/unsupported until he was 9 months old. I figured he was far too busy moving around to bother with sitting still. He is now 3 and reached all his milestones etc so please don't worry.

Ds2 is nearly 9 months and has only just sat up unaided (without us having to put a cushion behind him) in the last couple of weeks - and he is not moving either!! Mind you we do still have to put a cushion behind him when DS1 is around as he is prone to pushing him over <sigh>

fireandice Thu 13-Aug-09 19:40:19

Thanks for all your comments - it's reassuring. A few of you mentioned that she may be keen to be on the move and so not so interested in sitting - that sounds like her as she is always moving and before she could move her hands and legs were always going. She still cannot sit still on my lap unless she is practically asleep! Thanks though to all - definitely feel less worried.

girlsyearapart Thu 13-Aug-09 19:56:18

Hi same here my dd2 was only just sitting up - in the loosest possible terms- at her 8 month check. It took her till 10mo to realise you put your hands down to get to the floor rather than fall flat on your face.

She is 11mo today and has started moving more and can pull up to standing in the cot. She is not properly crawling.

I was worried as dd1 rolled at 5mo crawled at 6m up the stairs at 7mo crusing round furniture from 8-9mo then first steps at 1.

I was advised to encourage dd2 by putting cushions round her, put favourite toys out of reach and pull her up with gradually less support each time.

They are all different and I can see that my dd2 is making progress now but it is a worry isn't it? x

DoodleAlley Sat 15-Aug-09 13:03:43

Hiya, I'm a bit late for this message but hopefully you'll check it. My DS is now eleven months and crawling and cruising along but it wasn't until eight and a half months that he sat up unaided and two weeks before he sat unaided he wouldn't really do it that well supported. So take heart.

If you're worried, you're health visitor should do a developmental check between six and nine months so it will get picked up there but personally, I wouldn't worry.

DS just suddenly got it one day, there seemed to be very little learning curve it was almost like it just switched on in him.

He was rolling around for ages before he sat.

I know it's ever so easy to worry - and I did - but the most I see the more I realise that every child does things at their own rate. Obviously it's good to check things that are very late but most likely there is something your DC is ace at. And by the time they are five no-one will notice any difference for whether they started sitting at five months or eight!

DoodleAlley Sat 15-Aug-09 13:04:52

Just re-read your message and DS did that exact thing of sitting and then toppling over. I'd take it as an interest in the world and good. And for my DS it meant that he got from sitting to crawling quickly once he got started!

fireandice Sat 15-Aug-09 23:20:07

Doodlealley - thanks for your message. My dd is suddenly sitting for longer periods but only when she wants to! Otherwise she topples over and is on the move. So it does seem like she is more interested in other things than in sitting and playing.

DoodleAlley Mon 17-Aug-09 19:30:01

Sounds very similar to my DS, some kids like to sit and play others like to move around and explore. At least it keeps you on your toes!

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