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I am worried about DS1 (8) he only seems to get on with 1 or 2 boys in his class,...

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josben Wed 12-Aug-09 14:32:31

he only had one party invite in the whole of year 3. And he just doesn't seem that at ease with the other boys in his class, like he lacks confidence.

When we arrive at school in the morning, rather than join in playing footie or swapping go go's with other boys, he will go and start the line on his own and stand there looking a bit worried.

he is quite 'young' in himself and I wonder whether i haven't helped because he doesn't get a lot of opportunity to be independent. The road we live on is too busy for him to play out on and there aren't any other children that live on our street.

I have tried to encourage playdates and he goes to clubs like footie, cubs and judo. But what he really loves are computer games and the Ds. he does get on really well and play with his 6 year old brother so that is good.

What sort of things do other 8 years old boys do/know about...? How can I help him be a bit more mature without spoiling his innocence...

When do children find out about father christmas? DS1 has just lost a tooth and his younger brother told him daddy was the tooth fairy! He didn't believe him!

Should I be telling him more stuff about the facts of life?

I just want DS1 to be more confident and happier in year 4...

MamaKaty Wed 12-Aug-09 16:50:34

Why don't you ask his teacher from year 3 for some advice? She should have a good idea of how he was getting on with the other children in class and might be able to offer you some advice.
Encouraging play dates with one or two boys at a time can be a very positive thing, but only if he is comfortable with it!! I used to be quite a shy, reserved child and found enforced play dates incredibly unpleasant!!

Talk to your son as well and find out how he feels about this - some children are naturally more gregarious tham others, and some children (and adults!) just prefer their own company!! If it isn't making him unhappy then you don't need to worry about it!

Good luck though and i hope he'll enjoy year 4

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