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Fear of dark, shadows, light bulbs in 2.5yr old

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glammam Wed 12-Aug-09 11:38:00

My son has developed a phobia about the dark and in particular, shadows, but he also doesn't like lightbulbs and any ceiling lights. It's very strange and everywhere we go he looks up at the ceiling and comments on the lights and is very wary of them. I think it stems from a few months ago when a light bulb went in his room, as in it flickered and then went off and ever since then he has had this fear of bulbs as he thinks they're scary. Now it's shadows too and he is waking up scared in the night. Has anyone else had children with strange fears and how have people conquered fear of the dark??? Thanks x

MamaKaty Wed 12-Aug-09 13:25:01

Why don't you try one of the friendly character nightlights you can get from places like boots, mothercare, etc?
It might reassure him when he wakes up in the dark.
Explaining (in very simple terms) how a lightbulb works and what made it flicker before might help him get to grips with what happened.

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