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Potty training advice needed....

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loopylula Tue 11-Aug-09 21:04:02 trying to potty train DD who is 26mo and at the end of day two we have had no hits in the potty. She is aware of what the potty is for, she knows she is supposed to ask us for help using it if she needs to go and she can happily sit on the potty for 10/15 minutes at a time if we sit with her and read a book but she has never done anything during those sittings.

I don't know of its coincidence but she seems to wait until she is in the bath or in her nap time nappy (I had previously had a week of dry nappies after her nap, which I took as a further sign that she was ready). She has had a few small wet accidents on the carpet and actually took herself off upstairs this morning, away from her potty and us, to have a poo in her pants!

My question is are we trying too soon? This is my second attempt as the first a couple of months ago was a crying disaster – 4 puddles on the floor in the first hour with absolutely no response or reaction from DD.

SydneyB Tue 11-Aug-09 21:06:04

I think day 2 is really very early to be expecting much success to be honest. We had 3 weeks of DD pooing and weeing everywhere before one day she finally just got it.

IDreamOfJeannie Tue 11-Aug-09 21:15:38

My DD was like this for ages. I think theoretically she knew what the potty was for, but as she had no practical experience she made no connection between sitting on the potty and weeing. She would sit on the potty for ages and then wander off and THEN wee.

In the end what worked was:

*taking her to slightly older children's houses and letting them show DD how it was done.

* demonstrating weeing in the potty myself blush. But she does like to copy me most of all so I thought why not. I only did it once.

* taking her to the potty every time I went for a wee and running a tap. That and the sound of me weeing made her finally do her very 1st wee in the potty grin

That was last tuesday and she's only had 2 wee accidents since. Poos however are another story, and I'm wondering (please god no) whether I will need to show her how to do that too shock shock

WhatFreshHellIsThis Tue 11-Aug-09 21:26:20

She might just not be ready - DS1 was like this for ages, and after a few goes we just left it, especially as DS2 was about to be born. Then we tried again and within two days he was clean and dry, with barely an accident since. (This was when he had just turned 3)

Maybe try one more day and if there's no improvement give it a rest for a bit?

loopylula Wed 12-Aug-09 14:05:35

Thanks guys. IDOJ you made me chuckle! I really, really hope you don't need to demonstrate how a number 2 is done on the potty!

Interestingly enough, I caught her sneaking off upstairs again this morning and thought she was going to do another poo again but when I followed her up and asked her if she needed to go on the potty she asked to sit on the 'toilet'. I am wondering of she just doesn't like the idea of doing her ablutions on the wee plastic thingy in front of everyone. I have spent a lot of time taking her in the toilet with me previously.

ilovetochat Wed 12-Aug-09 14:09:14

before actually potty training dd i put her in pullups, told her they were pants and took her to the toilet with me every hour or so and carried a potty round with us till she was used to it. only then did i try and leave her bare to use it when needed.
maybe slow down the process a bit? smile

LovingtheSilverFox Wed 12-Aug-09 14:15:16

I kept the potty in the toilet and sat her on it when I went. This seemed to give her the general idea, and was away from people looking. I agree that you should give it a few more days.

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