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10 year old son

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Nancy10 Tue 11-Aug-09 09:48:34

I have a son who is almost 10. He has always been an exceptionally well behaved boy, but recently his behaviour is changing. He is pinching things such as money on window sills at friends houses, food from other peoples lunch boxes. He is bored with anything we do or suggest and is lying to us. I think moodiness and feeling hard done by could be partly down to hormones. He is angellic at school, has lots of friends who we've had over this holiday. Too be honest I'm not sure how to handle the situation without making it worse. Anyone else in a similar situation?

elmofan Tue 11-Aug-09 15:38:43

sorry no words of wisdom as we are having a hard time with our own ds also 10yrs ,
ours is also moody . ill keep my eye on this thread hopefully some1 with lots of experience of 10yr olds will come along soon

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