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Are all 3yr old boys the spawn of the devil??

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AphroditeRocks Mon 10-Aug-09 16:00:23

Having had a relatively calm, sensitive, contemplative DD (who is now 7.9), I was totally unprepared for DS. He's now 3.11 and an utter nightmare. He NEVER stops from dawn till dusk and if it isn't supposed to be thrown, climbed on, hit with a stick or flushed down the toilet he's not interested.
I feel I have to watch him all the bloody time, because the minute my guard drops he's causing trouble. And everything's down at 90mph at over 200 decibels.
Have tried everything - reasonog, threatening, asking nicely, bribing...
He's driving me nuts!!!!!
Does it get any better??

Embuggerance Mon 10-Aug-09 16:03:28

yes it does get better - to the point where my boys are the envy of my friends (who have pre-teen daughters grin)

Just a few ideas...
1) How are his sleep patterns?
2) Diet? Some children, particulary biys, can be VERY sensitive to additives/colours and even, just plain ol sugar
3) regular exercise ()
4: Very clear boundaries and consequences

HTH - I have so been there.

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