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15-month old having meltdown at Monkey Music. Do I persist in taking him there?

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Baconsarnie Mon 10-Aug-09 14:37:57

Took DS to music class last week for first time. He cried on and off in the class, which is unusual for him. This week he started sobbing as we went through the door. We had to leave. I have no idea what's upsetting him - I'm with him all the time, he sits on my knee, he goes to nursery three days a week so is used to other kids/singing time. I don't know whether to persist in the hope he'll start to enjoy it or give it up as a bad idea. Any advice, or ideas on what could be upsetting him? He was fine as soon as we got outside!

KembleTwins Mon 10-Aug-09 14:40:49

Give it time. If your Monkey Music class leader is as nice as ours was, she'll expect it. Hopefully he'll get used to it and will come to enjoy it. Maybe the monkey upset him. It is very bright pink after all grin

Baconsarnie Mon 10-Aug-09 17:54:14

Thanks KembleT! I think I'll give him another go and see if he comes round to it. It's a fine line between perservering so he relaxes and enjoys it and ruining it for everyone else!

slowreadingprogress Mon 10-Aug-09 18:28:16

I'd try once more personally then stop if he's the same.

Don't know if he's like my ds, but he always hated sing songs. He would always cover his ears and get upset. He coped with his first day in school fine, no tears when I left even (which I was amazed by - clingy boy) but he couldn't stop the tears when they sang a song!!!

Maybe your ds doesn't like the singing time at nursery?

As I say though if he's the same next week I certainly wouldn't pursue it. No point!

rosiest Mon 10-Aug-09 18:54:27

My DS1 was exactly the same at music with mum at the same age. I kept taking him for ages as I thought he would come round but he never did. So in hindsight a waste of time and money!
I agree with last post - take him once more but stop if he doesn't like it.

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