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DS1 8yo has suddenyl turned into Horrid Henry

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lisbey Sun 09-Aug-09 21:45:46

Honestly, our house is exactly like the stories.

I have DS2, 6yo, constantly telling me what DS1 has done wrong and "aren't I being good Mummy?" and DS1 is rude, disobedient, answers back constantly, very very noisy and "accidentally" breaks things regularly.

He's always been noisy (which I have struggled and failed to rein in since he was about 18mths old) but apart from that his behaviour hasn't really been that challenging. His school report described him as "always polite and helpful" so he's saving it all for home (and grandparents).

TBH it's really quite upsetting, because he seems so angry and upset all the time. A few friends have told me this is normal at this age, but does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with it?

chuckeyegg Mon 10-Aug-09 11:42:53

I probably have all this to come. Bumping it up for you.


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