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Assessment of Oral skills in a Toddler

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tryingtobemarypoppins Sun 09-Aug-09 20:18:12

Has anyone had any experience of an assessment of a 21month olds oral skills?

My DS will only eat a VERY limited range of food - no 'real' dinners (would never eat a shepards pie, stew etc) will only eat a few items, bread, cheese in the main.

His weight is low and the dietition is running out of ideas so has refered him next week to a SALT to have his oral skills assessed. The SALT has asked us to bring his lunch.

Any idea what they may do?

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 10-Aug-09 10:11:03


lou031205 Mon 10-Aug-09 10:16:58

I would imagine they might watch him eat, blow some bubbles with him, etc.

-Can he suck a straw?
-Does he attempt to 'pucker up' for a kiss or to blow raspberries, etc.

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 10-Aug-09 10:22:41

Thanks so much lou031205, yes he can do all that, chews bread, toast etc. His only issue really is that he won't eat 'meals', we have tried everything!

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 10-Aug-09 10:23:34

Forgot to add, although only 21 months his speech is a bit slow, loads of noise and points but no real words yet.

tryingtobemarypoppins Mon 10-Aug-09 19:30:01


blinks Mon 17-Aug-09 20:10:30

they might check for oral/verbal dyspraxia.

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