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Potty talk/name calling

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Marysue Wed 25-May-05 13:59:52

I have a almost 5 year old boy, 3 year old boy and a one year old girl. My 5 year old has always been a strong willed boy and has been into the potty talk and name calling. I am just confused on how to handle these issues. He will talk at the table about pee-pee, like "this drink looks like pee-pee" and he talks about stinky diapers, poopyheads, baby, etc. He says this all very laughingly. His 3 year old brother reinforces this by laughing and saying some of the words too. My husband and I have never laughed. We try to discourage it by telling them to stop or that's enough, but they are doing it more now. My 5 year old has also started to call us and his brother names when he is mad at us. Example, "Mom is a stinkyhead!" I will send him to his room when he does this, but he is calling us names all the way there and opening his door up yelling them out the door. Anyone have some advice for me would be appreciated! I don't know if I should be putting him in his room when he jokes about the words silly too to just eliminate the words altogether or just ignore that and just do it when he uses them mean like/calling us names.

morningpaper Wed 25-May-05 14:04:41

I think both issues are separate.

I think that the name calling is something I wouldn't tolerate, unless it was in jest/as a lighthearted tease.

Toilet humour is of course the height of British culture so I find myself often making jokes about poo just to make my two-year old dissolve into giggles.

Rinkydink Thu 26-May-05 08:58:29

My family also has a very 'lavatorial' sense of humour! But my daughter (4) has picked up the name calling from nursery. Also comes out with 'pooh head', 'stinky wee face' etc. Which i hate, and do not tolerate. She gets told to talk properly and not to call names because its hurtful, and makes mommy sad. She is also teaching the word to my son (2), and he takes great pleasure in shouting them at the top of his voice around the shopping centre. (CRINGE!)
I find distraction techniques work best with him, as he is too young to understand the concept of other peoples feelings. Try sitting down and talking to your 5 yr old, explain that sometimes it is funny to make a joke about such things (if you find it funny) but its very hurtful and makes you sad when he says these things in spite. I'm sure his good nature will shine through and he'll totally understand. You'll figure out what works best for each child. Good luck!!

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