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This is the first time I have posted about an issue that is not SN.

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cyberseraphim Fri 07-Aug-09 14:28:52

I read DS2 (NT) 2.8 the Rumpelstilskein fairy story. On the page towards the end although Rumpelstilskein is very much alive and kicking, he has a puce yellow face and it does look as if rigor mortis might have set in. DS2 keeps saying to me 'The man's dead Mummy, the man's dead' and I can see what he means. However I have no idea where he has heard about dead people. I don't talk about them obviously and I am sure no one does at nursery. He only watches Children's TV btw !

I am amazed at how much language he has ( DS1 has ASD) but is it normal for NT children to just know things ??

lucymum2four Fri 07-Aug-09 14:49:11

same thing with my ds.
always adding death to his games..

i realised that he actually doesnt understand the word dead.. as if someone sick and sleeping or picked up in ambulance after accident they always dead.

maybe after hearing ends of conversations
& seeing pictures in books sort of teach theirselves bout certain issues?

its funny what they pick up

ellagrace Fri 07-Aug-09 14:56:52

my ds is freaky with the language and concepts he suddenly throws out which come apparently from nowhere: he's 2yrs5months.

i really thought questions about where the sun goes at night (and he is after a more sophisticated answer than it goes to bed) would come much later. he's very into discussing and exploring fear at the minute at a level that's - well surprising and a bit dark in a way! it's pretty amazing what's going on in such a small child's head.

cyberseraphim Mon 10-Aug-09 12:50:31

Just an excuse to bump but the only fairy story he has read with a dead person in it is Snow White lying in her glass coffen but she still looks very white and not particularly dead !

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