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Help! 5 month old won't let me leave the room!

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Vizzle Fri 07-Aug-09 13:06:35

I heard it was impossible to spoil small babies, but I think I may have managed it!

My dd is coming up to 5 months. She kicks off if I leave the room, and loves being cuddled.

It's got to the stage where she screams when I put her in her bouncy chair and won't go in baby gym.

Anyone else have this? What can I amuse her with? We're wandering around in a sling, but I sometimes need a wee or some food!

Also, staying at mil's next week so she's bound to use the words 'rod' and 'for your own back'.

marmoset Fri 07-Aug-09 13:14:12

Hello - my dd is 9m old now but i had this at around 5m. She is absolutely fine about being left now so i think she just got the clingy stage early - she wouldn' t go to visitors - even granny- either.
Geting her used to being on her own didn't take too long. We used the Baby Einstein DVD, Baby Bach to distract her and that worked well. At 6m or so, we put on CBeebies and that worked too. Another good thng is a baby bouncer in the doorway of the room where you are busy - it's a half way house solution.
Any comments from MIL- just say 'yes, she's very advanced' in a smug tone smile

meep Fri 07-Aug-09 13:32:15

dd2 has just hit this stage and I can't exactly say I have "spoiled" her as she has been plonked on her mat/bouncy chair a lot while I run around after her big sister (2yo).

It is just a natural stage. Dd2 yells if she can't see me or if she's held by someone else.

So it is nothing you have done to your dd - no rods for backs !

dd1 became happy with other people and without me at exactly 6mo!

Give her lots of cuddles and enjoy them - she will soon turn into a rampaging toddler who shouts "no mummy" whenever you want a cuddle grin

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