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4 year old chewing and sometimes swallowing objects

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Cuth Fri 07-Aug-09 11:51:05

My four yr old son mouths and chews objects. Not just clothing (as seen on previous posts) but my things, toys, money (coins seen on x-ray!) anything seems to be fair game and no matter how much I explain he will be ill/ tell him off/ remove stuff/ naughty step etc it continues. It actually makes me feel angry now as things getting spoilt. he has just chewed new babys toy to bits and now he is sat with lego in his mouth.
This has been going on since he could mouth stuff but it is getting no better and he is due to start school september and I am worried he will eat his wayn through reception. he often has unusual stools and tummy ache but nothing seems to stop him. He has a dummy still at night which I am loath to remove yet (school, new baby etc)as I think he needs some comfort. Other than giving him a "dog toy" to stop him eating other things I am stuck. Please any ideas.

janx Fri 07-Aug-09 13:39:26

YOu have my sympathy - my dd 4.5 puts everything in her mouth - but luckily does not swallow them - she has no sense - licks lollies on the floor - she too always has tummy aches - I think she does it to get my attention - it drives me insane. I have tried explaining the link between putting inappriorate things in her mouth and her constant tummy aches - but it goes in one ear and out the other - she is a bright girl - I am hoping she grows out of it

Cuth Fri 07-Aug-09 16:31:03

At least Im not alone. Just found a set of wooden dominoes with teethmarks and some new crayons have been destroyed. Have to also not leave packs of baby wipes about.....

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