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Really shy almost 5 yr old at school, any advice?

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chickaboom Fri 07-Aug-09 05:46:09

My daughter turns 5 next month, we live in australia, and she has been in kindy since feb this year, we are into the third term now and she is still soooo shy, her teacher said she is the shyest child in the class, she will only play with 3 other children and talks to no body else at all, she will only talk to the teacher if asked a question and the teacher said her voice is unsteady and croaky like she is really nervous.
One little girl said hello and asked her to play and she totally blanked her, she even blanks the teachers when they say hello in the morning.
She is not a shy child at home!!
She goes to dancing and swimming lesson and both teachers tell me shy is really shy there too.
Will she grow out of it or could it be something else?

Barmymummy Fri 07-Aug-09 07:25:33

Sounds exactly like my friends 2 kids. I look after her son (4) a little bit and he doesn't speak a single word to me the whole time he is here. Has some friends but spends alot of time plastered to his mums side whenever she is around.

Her daughter now 6 was the same but is now slowly coming out of her shell. My friend was the same as a child and though says she is still shy I don't really see it!

In time I am sure she will feel more comfortable with others but in the meantime just continue with the love, support and opportunities to join in with activities.

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