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shouting 18 month old

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IREALLYDONTCARE Thu 06-Aug-09 11:36:55

my 18 month old has started shouting really loudly for attention or when she wants something. I can't talk to someone without her 'interrupting'!

Now DH and I are arguing becuase he says I need to watch her and she will end up spoilt if I keep giving into her.

can I have some tips as to how to handle this? I have tried telling her to wait, 'no', 'naughty' and also distracting her but no luck

She doesn't like being told 'no'. She throws her head back and screams the place down, and sometimes tries to hit or scratch me

sophybear Thu 06-Aug-09 13:22:08

Argh - this sounds familiar!
Two things: Don't "give in" but do talk to her and pay her attention. She is very young and doesn't understand she is interrupting.

Then if this continues - as per my 2.5 yr old - and she is old enough to understand, I respond in a very quiet voice to try to bring the tone down.

SecretNinjaChipmunk Thu 06-Aug-09 13:28:28

getting down to their level to talk to them seems to help. and talking quietly but very firmly (so they have to shut up to hear you!) seems to help to. she will have to learn to be patient though. maybe explain you are having a conversation but you will answer her when you have finished and that hitting/ scratching/ screaming is unacceptable behaviour (unacceptable is my fave word at the moment). hopefully the more you talk to her in a calm way will enable her to learn her boundaries and to express what it is she wants in a better way. good luck, ds is 22 months nearly so i know how you feel .it always amazes me just how high a pitch his scream can reach.

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