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Malem Betwetting Alarm Diary

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StarPlayer Wed 05-Aug-09 10:07:25

*Malem Alarm Log

Alarm didn't go off!!! Wondered if it was working!sad Actually, DS slept through without weeing, and got up around 7a.m. & used the toilet.grin

2nd Night
Alarm didn't go off!!! Thought wow DS hasn't wet the bed again!! Yippee! Heard DS get up and go to the toilet. On the way the alarm starts going off! When I eventually get up later & go into his room, his bed has been flooded with wee sad. The alarm clip must have bee in the wrong place (obviously not placed stategically enough by DHgrin).

3rd Night
3.45a.m. DH jumped out off bed and got DS up. The alarm was going off and I didn't hear it until DH got up. Tired!

4th Night
7.10a.m. The alarm is going off as DS gets up and goes to he toilet. I don't hear the alarm when it first starts. Ds bed is wet but not flooded.

5th Night
3a.m. DS actually got out off bed to have a wee before I got to his roomgrin. He's not best pleased with the alarm though.

6th Night
00.35a.m Alarm went offsad Why so early? Could it be because I gave him Vimto to drink as the Hi Juice has finished?

7th Night
00.40a.m. sad Alarm went off early againsad. That's it - no more Vimto. Got some hi juice from sains, he can drink that. I've noticed that DS is much better in holding his wee in the days as well since we've started using the alarm smile.

8th Night
06.32a.m. grinAlarm didn't go offgrin DS told me that he was in bed and was practising holding in his wee for a bitsmile

9th Night
07.14a.m.grin I'm counting this as 2 dry nights. 12 more nights to go. I'm feeling a little bit hopeful that we can go to Florida later this year and not have to take drynites with us.

StinkyFart Wed 05-Aug-09 16:14:04

I am sure that you have been told to avoid red or brown drinks and squashes as they irritate the bladder

Try to increase milk or water intake if you can rather than squashes or fizzy drinks (am assuming vimto is a fizzy drink)

StarPlayer Thu 06-Aug-09 16:26:24

No, the vimto is the one that needs to be diluted! I saw somewhere on here that milk is ok for the morning but not coming up to bedtime so that's what I'm trying to dosmile

DS is still not over keen on going to the toilet in the daysmile but is getting better at holding it in.

lucymum2four Fri 07-Aug-09 08:38:48

my sister was told with her bed wetter,
when given the alarm no drinks after 6 in the evening..

also if you are worried about bed wetting and holidays. she was given a nasal spray by DR for when the took their hol's... dont know how but stops the bed wetting.

only taken sparinly as you build imunity to it but good for a dry holiday.

StarPlayer Fri 07-Aug-09 15:36:22

Thanks Lucygrin

DS wet the bed last night. The alarm didn't go off so he told me after he had a wee when he got up this morning. He wasn't very pleased that the alarm hadn't gone offhmm I'll have to check that my DH is positioning it properly tonight.

lucymum2four Fri 07-Aug-09 17:04:01

Thats the trouble my sis had. the ruddy thing would never stay in place grin

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