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Could my 6 wk old be teething?

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Gillyan Mon 03-Aug-09 20:39:54


6wks old tomorrow. From the moment she was born u could almost tell what she was going to look like with teeth, very prominent gums at the top front.

She has been a bit unsettled the last few days and it's like she has teething pain, I'm giving her my finger and she's clamping and sucking really hard on it ( usual a sign for a feed ) but quite a few times now she's had a full feed and then really cried ( she only ever really cries a lot when she's hungry or is dirty ) I've put my finger in her mouth and she's clamped down and chomped on it and then calmed down and gone to sleep, other times I have offered her a bit more milk and she defo doesn't want the milk but still suck on my fingers.

I gave up BF after 2 wk and I had 2 little teeth like cuts on the tops of both my boobs that the scabs came off at every feed. HV said then she had tooth buds there

Any ideas?

Hassled Mon 03-Aug-09 20:46:12

Well it does sound like it, doesn't it - but very unusual. George IV, I believe, was born with a full set of teeth . It does happen.

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