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15month old ds headbutting....everything!!

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jofeb04 Tue 24-May-05 13:11:45

Is this normal!! He headbutts all sorts, the table, tv, his cot etc. He also bites everything, the sofa, me and my dh etc.

However, getting concerned as am 22 weeks pregnant, and nervous if he could start doing this to the 2nd once born.

bigdonna Tue 24-May-05 22:42:17

i watched some baby programme on tv, it was about a child who head butted they said it was normal but to make sure he does not hurt himself try picking him up and putting him on a beanbag or other soft surface. how old is your son?.maybe if you try to distract him.

Louise1970 Wed 25-May-05 19:15:42

My ds at 14 months also head butted everything even the concrete floor. We lasted 3 months and was very stressful. You have to constantly be with them judging when you think the next head but will be then quickly put your hand or body in the way so that they do not do so much injury. He did grow out of it after 3 months but did feel like a life time. Putting him somewhere soft did not work for me as he began get wise to the fact that we were trying to be kind and he just wanted distrction. Hope that helps. But loads of luck...

PinkFluffPudding Wed 25-May-05 19:42:20

DD does it sometimes. I tell her i don't want to watch her do it and then leave the room. I will watch her from a distance to check she's OK. She quickly stops when she realises she hasn't got an audience!

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