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Biting help please - 15 mth old

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goingnowherefast Sun 02-Aug-09 19:32:08

DD bites us sometimes, and it's got worse over the last couple of weeks. She's only 15 months, but she really bites down hard and drew blood from her dad tonight. I am covered in marks just from this weekend. Help please!

It only seems to happen when a) she's very excited, or b) we're trying to do something with ehr she doesn't want to do, for example change nappy or put in car seat.

Sugestions I have had include:
1. Ignore her for a bit and lavish attention onto the bitee.
We have tried this after she bit her dad and then she bit me about 15 mins later. But might it work if we stick with it?
2. Tell her "we don't bite, it hurts", act disapproving for a min (eg put her down if carrying her) then forget about it.
This is the tactic we have used the most so doesn't seem to work.
3. Bite her back.
This is not something I could do tbh, I am not comfortable with the idea, don't agree with it and don't think it will work.
4. Time out.
We haven't tried this, is she too young?

If anyone has any thoughts or can recommend anything else, please add. I think we need to pick one approach and stick to it, but not sure what is best.

Thank you for your thoughts.

thingamajig Sun 02-Aug-09 22:35:35

Hi there, sorry to hear about the biting. My dd bit another child at nursery, and the advice I was given was that it is a very normal thing to do at that sort of age as her talking is not good enough yet to get across the point that she wants to make.
I would definitely not bite her back, but I do think that tactic 2 is the best idea, it may not seem to be working at the moment but it should get through eventually and as she gets better at communicating she should stop feeling that she needs to bite.
Also my dd seems to think that making me yelp is very funny, so try not to squeal too loudly when she bites you wink

cookielove Sun 02-Aug-09 22:45:46

i work in a nursery and we have had issues with serial bitters, this mainly happened in the 1-2 room, what we tended to do was point 2, although the children mainly bit each other not the adults, we would move the child away and say no firmly, we did have a time out mat to place them on, although in a nursery you need a place to put them to seperate them from play, we tended to the injured the child and as they are so little and not much understanding we would show the biter the bite rub it and say ow that hurt so and so ow, sometimes the children would cuddle mostly not though then move on.

I wouldn't focus on the issue to much, just a clear no so they can see that the behaviour is unwanted and then showing them that biting hurts it may help, although it may not.

Are main serial bitter of the room is one of the most popular children in the room and all the children want to play with them, so really don't think it will last to long

goingnowherefast Mon 03-Aug-09 12:54:17

Thanks for the advice. We'll carry on with our approach for now then adn hopefully it will stop soon!

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