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11 month old very fussy about textures...

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Becs77 Fri 31-Jul-09 17:59:26

I have posted before about my DS when he went through a stage of not eating anything but toast and fruit and nothing off a spoon. Anyway, we came through that and he was eating well for about 6 weeks. However, during the last week (he turned 11 months this week) he started to spit out any lumps in his food and will only eat pureed/"textured" food - eg the 7 month old plum pots for example is the texture he likes all his food. I spoke to the HV about it yesterday and she basically said that if he doesn't want to eat lumpy food that is mashed rather than pureed then to let him go hungry and he'll soon learn which I thought was a bit harsh....The other problem is that he will only eat toast, fruit and rusks/ricecakes as finger food despite me offering him LOTS of variety. He often won't even taste it purely because he dislikes the feel/look of it...... Please HELP! I don't want to be sending him off to school with a lunch box full of puree!! Thank you xx

DoThisDoThat Fri 31-Jul-09 20:33:36

Hi Becs77, don't worry about this, he'll grow out of it soonish. DS3 did this about two months ago - he's 13 months now and will take lumps. Just give him the "lumpy" food mashed down a little bit with the fork so he gets the tastes and he'll come round eventually. The other thing I did was keep the lumps but mix in natural yoghurt to make it smoother/milder.

Good luck - you won't be sending him to school with purees, honest!

Becs77 Fri 31-Jul-09 22:02:48

Oh thanks dothisdothat! That's made me feel much better! Good idea with the yoghurt too - i'll try it tomorrow!

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