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what would you do, my DD1 doesnt get on with friends DD, also CM!!

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lisad123 Thu 30-Jul-09 23:12:44

My dd1 is 6 years old and has asd. I have a good friend who is also my CM. Her dd is also 6 years old and they are both in the same class.
Now the girls arent great friends but play ok but its getting harder. CM DD1 is a confident child and tends to speak her mind but can come across rude and very bossy. Now I know my DD1 can be a real tell tale, and also quiet. She doesnt like playing with others or being bossed around. Todays play date was spent under the dinning table drawing while her friends played.

Now these 2 are clashing and DD1 is getting upset by this girls behaviour because she keeps calling her names, bossing her around and getting stroppy when she doesnt do what she wants.
What the hell do i do?? She's with this girl at school, then once a week with CM, and then see's her out of school because Im friends with her mum.

I dont want to cut friend out, but dont want dd to feel sad either and she is my most important one is all of this.

piscesmoon Fri 31-Jul-09 00:16:45

As they get older you just have to accept that they will make their own friends and you can't conveniently have them playing with the DCs of your friends.It was unfortunate, but my DS and the DS of a close friends (one month apart in age)had nothing in common and didn't even like each other. She is still a close friend but we had to stop doing things with the DSs.

In your case-she has to see her in school, I think once a week at CM is fair enough-I think the only option is to cut the out of school contact and they wil be able to drift apart more in school.

Stigaloid Fri 31-Jul-09 09:09:10

Talk to your friend the CM. Say that her daughter's behaviour is upsetting your daughter and see if you can find a solution to working this through together.

piscesmoon Fri 31-Jul-09 10:03:56

Some DCs just don't get on-it isn't anyone's fault. They get older and choose their own friends-you have control until they are about 5yrs and you gradually lose it.

lisad123 Fri 31-Jul-09 14:57:25

but my friend is never without her children in school holidays and nether am i. Its nice to have someone to talk to/go to park with.

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