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3 month old baby has started being fussy at feeding time

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ZaraMalley Thu 30-Jul-09 15:08:05

my 3 month old baby has started fussing at feedtimes in the past week or so.

basically she'll start feeding and after a couple of gulps or so she'll start wriggling about. on occasions she also shows signs of colic - grimacing, pulling her legs up, crying etc. i know i'm not a medical professional but i dont actually think she has colic. as it only happens at feeding times, i think it's something to do with that. i dont think it's reflux as she doesnt bring anything up and in between feeds she's completely happy and as normal as ever, but i've heard of silent reflux. could it be that.

she's never really had any problems feeding before and up until now has pretty much been an angel (slept thru night from 6 weeks, gaining weight fine, napping during the day and reaching all milestones etc)

any help would be greatly appreciated

Schulte Thu 30-Jul-09 15:16:47

Have similar problems here sometimes. Could it be the 3 month growth spurt - I have read babies can get frustrated if the milk doesn't come as quickly as they'd like?

ExplodingBananas Thu 30-Jul-09 15:46:03

I think some babies also get more interested in other things going on at about this age and become very faffy feeders.

You could try taking her into a dark boring room, or the opposite approach would be to give her a small toy to try to distract her while you pop the bottle in?

sambo2 Thu 30-Jul-09 19:43:21

Please don't rule out silent reflux. My son started exactly the same symptoms at 10-12 weeks - it became a complete nightmare to feed him (lots of wriggling, turning his head, arching his neck, squealing). He would only take a few ounces and then reject the rest of the bottle. He was never sick.

After many frustrating weeks of seeing the doctors, I felt I was being palmed off and told I was suffering from, 'first mum syndrome', I finally paid to see a paediatrician who confirmed what I had said all along. He was given ranitatdine and domperidone, and the symptoms stopped. By 6 months he had pretty much grown out of it and now, aged 10 months, is fine.

Do persevere to get an answer. Before my son was on medication I gave him an over the counter formula called Enfamil AR (anti reflux) - it was fabulous. I highly recommend it (and only returned to normal formula once he was on medication as they don't 'work' together).

Good luck

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