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help.........seperation anxiety in DD 5yo

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aristocat Thu 30-Jul-09 12:55:15

the last few weeks my DD is constantly checking on me. if i go upstairs[to the toilet or to put washing away] she will call for me and need reassuring that i am here.

i have asked why and she thinks i will leave her in the house alone. i would never do this and besides her brother [7yo] is here too.

she is a smart,clever and confident girl.
it is beginning to get on my nerves, i keep reassuring her that i would never leave her but it hasnt helped as yet. has this happened to anyone else ? am i doing the right thing? i am trying to not let it become an issue because i feel that might make it worse!

FranSanDisco Thu 30-Jul-09 16:46:08

Do you say where you are going or does she notice you 'missing'. Lots of children are like this, always liking to know where mum/dad is. Just tell her where you are going and that you'll be x mins approx. and if she wants you to come and find you. It will pass hoepfully smile

slowreadingprogress Thu 30-Jul-09 17:26:28

oh I'm sure it will pass. DS is still like this to some degree and he's 7. It's utterly normal - until they are of an age where they know they can take care of themselves, in a way it is very sensible for them to have this need to check on who's with them. Obviously some kids have it more than others but I don't think it's a bad sign to have it!

aristocat Thu 30-Jul-09 19:27:59

thanks, it just started from nowhere.

i do usually tell her what i'm about to do.
shes only like it with me - but dad is at work all day smile

thanks for your advice.

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