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Sucking thumbs

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edgarcat Sun 11-May-03 19:30:07

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sun 11-May-03 19:36:01

Our dd started at about 8 weeks and promptly slept through the night.

lilibet Sun 11-May-03 19:59:41

My ds2 started at 12 weeks, is now 6 1/2, still does it when he's sleepy and I don't stop him, cos he's my baby and he looks gorgeous and snuggly!

edgarcat Sun 11-May-03 20:02:40

Message withdrawn

snickers Sun 11-May-03 21:06:50

They start in the womb don't they? I think they are more likely to if bottlefed, as breastfeeding tends to offer the comfort thing that sucking thumbs gives. I think once they get the hang of manipulating those little handys better - so after a couple of months??

7 weeks... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

SoupDragon Sun 11-May-03 21:08:35

DS1 started at around 4 weeks and is still at it now he's 4 (and had the sticky out teeth to prove it). DS2 never showed any inclination towards thumb sucking whatsoever.

WedgiesMum Sun 11-May-03 21:23:12

DS started at about 4 days and still loves it at nearly 2. Don't know about the bottle v breast thing as she was breast fed until 20 months and still would be doing it now if I wasn't being strong about it. (went to see friends with new baby and she leapt onto my knee, lay down and whipped up my top shouting 'boobie Mummy'......)

edgarcat Sun 11-May-03 21:56:20

Message withdrawn

Demented Sun 11-May-03 22:02:17

We have had a similar experience to Soupdragon minus the teeth. I waited and waited for DS2 to suck his thumb but it never happened.

suedonim Mon 12-May-03 04:25:19

My dd was 18 months when she started sucking her thumb. She saw her two cousins with dummies and immediately put her thumb in her mouth. She also started sleeping better. She's now 7 and still sucks her thumb, unfortunately. When I try to stop her, she then can't sleep, sigh.

mmm Mon 12-May-03 07:45:37

one of my scans showed my baby sucking hers -gee it was cute! but whenever they can get it in their mouths about now for you I should think.

edgarcat Mon 12-May-03 10:35:38

Message withdrawn

susanmt Mon 12-May-03 11:26:48

My dd started sucking hers at 21 months! And hasn't stopped since!

Tongy Mon 12-May-03 18:45:28

Hi Edgarcat, my eldest started sucking his thumb at about four months. My youngest is nearly 5 months and has just started but not consistently. But then I have been using a dummy this time which may make a difference.

Rosy Tue 13-May-03 20:04:36

My ds (10 weeks) has been sucking his a bit, but when he really needs it, can't seem to get it in and scratches his nose instead! I was just feeling smug that he hadn't needed a dummy, as we're trying to get our 3.5 year old to give up hers at the moment. Does anyone know if thumb sucking damages their teeth?

SoupDragon Tue 13-May-03 20:07:47

Yes, Rosy, it does seem to I guess it depends a bit on how they suck it and how much. I think DS1 must slightly pull it outwards or rest it on his teeth whilst sucking and he does it pretty much all the time unless he's busy.

mears Tue 13-May-03 22:05:50

Thumbsucking is marvellous IMO. I breastfed and 3 out of 4 sucked their thumbs with no detriment to feeding. It can be a godsend. Hope it happens soon for you edgarcat. I must say that I actually did give a dummy to the last 2 babies to give me time to make other kids tea and things like that. DS no.3 never sucked his thumb and I got rid of the dummy at 8 months. DD(age 9yrs) still sucks her thumb when she is tired but obviously gets comfort from that. Her teeth are fine by the way.

steppemum Wed 14-May-03 11:08:47

my neice has sucked hers since birth, and it is very useful for comfort etc. My ds started at about 12 weeks, but will only suck it when he wakes up at night (I'm not complaining as it gets him back to sleep)
I have mixed feelings about it, I can't decide if I want him to or not. I sucked my thumb as a kid until I was 13 and it ruined my teeth. My front teeth were VERY crooked and i had years of expensive orthodontic work I was my Mum had weaned me off it before my second teeth came through

edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 18:19:01

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 15-May-03 18:20:41

Stop them sucking it by age 1! I've just been told off by the dentist today because DS1's teeth have been pulled forwards on top and pushed backwards at the bottom. It can also affect the shape of the jaw.

This goes for dummies too by the way.

edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 18:21:38

Message withdrawn

jinna Thu 15-May-03 18:27:22

soupdragon are you sure about dummies - i thought dummies were fine until permanent teeth came through -

SoupDragon Thu 15-May-03 18:36:18

Put it this way, the dentist asked if it was a dummy or his thumb so I'm guessing it could have been either!

I suppose it does depend in part how they suck on them - I was a dedicated thumbsucker for years as a child and had no problems.

milch Fri 16-May-03 14:22:21

A tip for mums of thumb- (or finger-) suckers who want to break the habit: wait until winter when you can put mittens on them, it's much easier and less upsetting than trying to actively stop them.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 14:29:27

Message withdrawn

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